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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Suit

05 Sep 2023

Buying a suit can be confusing and very difficult at times. Here is five things to consider when buying a suit.

5 things to consider – 1. Budget

The first thing you should always do when buying a suit is set your budget, you can spend £10 in a thrift store or £5,000 on Oxford Street. But your own budget is important. Try to be as generous as possible with it as a good suit will help you to feel more confident and will last you a lifetime. 

Once you have your budget set out, you need to decide whether you’ll be shopping online or in store. If you’re unsure of your size you can always use a size guide to measure yourself up. Or many places with off a fitting appointment. If you’re in a rush, you will more likely be stepping into a shop to buy your suit. If you have a bit of extra time on your hands, a showroom appointment may be the way to go.

5 things to consider

5 things to consider – 2. Fit & Style

5 things to consider
5 things to consider
5 things to consider


Fit is Key. A £50 suit that fits you will look much better than a £2,000 suit that doesn’t. Don’t a buy a suit that doesn’t fit you unless you KNOW it can be tailored. 

Jacket Shoulders

Don’t buy it if the shoulders don’t fit. Adjusting shoulders on a jacket is like heart surgery, it’s complicated, risky and expensive!

Jacket length

If you can fit two fists into the front of the jacket, its way to big. A tailor can bring it but no more than 2 inches. Any more than 2 inches and it will change the proportions and positions of pockets. This will make the jacket bad.  Put your arms by your sides, your jacket reach down to your knuckles, give your take an inch. The back should cover your butt. 

Sleeve length

Put your arms back down by your side again 0 The sleeves go down to around your wrist-bone, this will show around half an inch of your shirt cuff.


Make sure the waist of the suit fits you well, if its a little too big or small, a tailor can fix that. 

5 things to consider – 3. Colour

There is so many different coloured suits for different occasions. Take a look at this blog post at the classic suit colours every man should own.

Classic Colours every man should own

5 things to consider
5 things to consider
5 things to consider
5 things to consider
5 things to consider


4. Function over Fashion




When shopping, you’ll notice the range of buttons on suits can be anywhere between one to five button suits. For 95% of buyers, the two button suit will be the best choice. It’s a classic look. A more formal look will be the three button suit. Or you can pick something between the two. Yes, there is such a thing as a two and a half button suit. This is a three button suit where the top button is meant to be left undone. 


The vent is just a part of your jacket to allow you to move easier. A single vent is the most common and probably the worse looking one. Try putting your hand in your pocket with this one – everyone will see your butt. Two vents if often best, when you walking it’ll create a more streamlined look. And its designed to not show your butt even if your riding a horse. 

5. The Dress Shirt

Choosing the right dress shirt is JUST as important as choosing the right suit. The classic white shirt is crisp and perfect for any occasion. However, light pink, blue and lavender are all acceptable colours. A good fit on the neck is key since majority of the time you’ll be doing it up with a necktie.

Cavani Digby La Bella Gold Torso


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