Finding the right size for your shape and style is important. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing your dad’s work suit, but you also don’t want to wear suit trousers that are so tight you can’t walk.   Most men don’t know their true measurements for their suit size, but fear not, we’re here to help you with all of the measurements you'll need. 


The measurement of your collar size will determine the size of your shirt; if you get it wrong, it will determine whether you are choked or not. How do you measure your collar size? It’s fairly straightforward. 

Take your tape measure and position the end at the base of your neck. You want to start your measurement where the top button of your shirt would sit. This will give you the most accurate measurement for your shirt. 

Wrap the tape around your neck, but make sure you keep your starting point fixed. 

Keep one finger under the tape measure as this will give you breathing room for the final measurement and ensure you choose the right size shirt. 


1. Start at the bottom of your Adam's Apple.

2. Don’t pull the tape too tightly.

3. If you are struggling, ask a friend to help you.



At Cavani, our shirts are available in the following sizes. As a general guide, collar sizes fit the following guidance. These may differ from person to person, so please use the following measurements as general guidelines.

cavani shirt sizes


When measuring your chest size, you'll probably need a helping hand. Find someone to help you take your chest measurement and stand tall. 

  • Measure around the chest. Start the measurement from the fullest part of your chest.
  • Take the tape measure around and under the arms, and then put your arms by your side. 
  • Bring the tape measure to a central point and take the reading.

To get an accurate chest measurement, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Posture is key. Make sure that you are standing upright and straight, with your arms by your sides. Don’t slouch or sit down, as this can impact the measurement.
  • When measuring your chest, you want to make sure that the tape is snug but isn’t too tight to restrict movement. 
  • Measure in inches.

(3) How to measure sleeve length 

Having sleeves that sit in the perfect position can complete a look, and it’s important to get the correct sleeve length measurement to achieve this. But, how do you measure sleeve length? 

  • Grab a tape measure and place one end at the centre of your spine at the back of your neck. 
  • Measure the length from this point to your shoulder joint. 
  • From here, measure the length from your shoulder joint to your wrist. 
  • Add these two measurements together for your accurate sleeve length. 
TOP TIPS: Sleeve length is a difficult measurement to get yourself. Ask a friend to help you out. 

(4) How to measure your waist

This is one of the most important measurements to get right. You don’t want your suit trousers to be too loose, but you don’t want them too tight where you feel like they’re cutting into you. 

You may already know your waist measurements from buying casual trousers, but to make sure you have an accurate measurement, here is the best way to measure your waist for trousers:

  • Wrap a tape measure around your waist, but make sure it is at the top of your hip bone and just on your belly button. 
  • Place one finger between the tape measure. This will allow you some breathing space and ensure that you don’t choose trousers that are too tight. 
  • Make sure that you don’t suck in or breathe in when someone is taking your waist measurement. Doing so will give you an inaccurate measurement, and you’ll end up with a size that’s too small. 

(5) How to measure your outside leg length

To get an idea of your trouser length, you should measure your outside leg length. The most accurate way to measure this is the following process: 

  • Stand tall and keep your legs straight. 
  • Grab a tape measure and measure from where you want the hem of your trousers to sit up to where you would like the waist of your trousers to be. 
  • Do this on the outside of your leg. 
  • If you prefer high-waisted trousers, make sure you account for this in your measurement. 

(6) How to measure your inside leg length

There’s only one way to measure your inside leg length (despite what Joey from Friends thinks). Often referred to as the inseam measurement, the inner leg length should be a measurement from the groin to the base of your ankle. 

This is how you should measure your inside leg length: 

  • Stand with your legs slightly apart, but make sure you don’t bend your legs. 
  • Place the tape measure on the inner thigh. Try and keep this as close to the crotch as possible.
  • Keeping the tape measure tight, run the tape to the base of your ankle.
This measurement is your inner leg or inseam.

How to measure a suit for your child

Our boys suits are measured in centimetres.
Do you have a special occasion coming up? Don't worry; measuring your son for a suit follows the same process as it would if you were measuring an adult. Make sure you take care when measuring to get the most flattering and comfortable suit size.

How to know if a suit is too small for your son

You should be able to gauge if your son's suit is too small if the blazer sags or bites around the shoulder area, and when buttoned, flares outwards, or less than 80% of the buttocks are covered. If his trousers feel too tight when he makes normal everyday movements, this could also be a sign that the suit is too small 

How to know if a suit is too big for your son 

If you're worried your son's suit may be too big, you should be able to notice this relatively easily from how it sits on his body. Some evident signs include the shoulder cushions surpassing where his shoulder ends, the jacket looking and feeling uncomfortably loose, and the trousers hanging below the ankles and draping over the shoes. 

When correctly measured, he should be able to place a couple of fingers within the sleeve, a little bit of his shirt should be on display, and his trousers should fit snugly. 

Below you'll find our boy's suit sizing measurements. For more details on how to measure a suit for your child, refer to our section on measuring a suit.