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Wedding Attire for Men: Do’s and Don’ts

03 Feb 2022

With so many styles to choose from – a smart tweed with a colourful thread, a sleek midnight-blue three-piece, or a classic charcoal grey – shopping for men’s wedding attire can be tricky. 

At House of Cavani, we know how important it is to look sharp on the big day: as the groom, you might be looking sophisticated in a beige wedding suit to match your partner’s colour palette – or you might be the best man looking bold in a sage tweed wedding suit. Whatever your role in the wedding – and whether you opt for something classic or a little more unconventional – picking the right suit is crucial.

With our extensive collection of men’s wedding suits in various prints, fabrics and colours, there’s plenty to choose from – and at House of Cavani, we have plenty of experience in knowing how to style your look for the big day. Here’s our selection of all-important sartorial tips to have you looking – and feeling – sharp. 

What’s the best wedding attire for men?

Whether you’re a groomsman, the best man, or the husband-to-be, it’s important to pick the wedding suit you’ll feel most comfortable and sophisticated in. So – what kind of look should you go for?

More traditional wedding suits for men tend to be darker colours in a more muted palette – think slate greys and blacks – and many people choose to stick with these classic styles for their groom suits, with matching or complementary suits for their groomsmen. 

But there’s no need to stick to this palette if you’d prefer something bolder: for a slightly different yet equally refined look, why not opt for a cream wedding suit or a style in taupe or dark chocolate brown? You could also mix it up with different fabrics: try tweed or linen, or add a waistcoat for a touch of luxury. Here are four dos – and four don’ts – for the big day.

Wedding Suits: 4 Do’s 

Do get your wedding suit tailored

The secret to a sharp look? Good tailoring. A perfectly fitted jacket, waistcoat and trousers will instantly leave you looking sleek and polished. This is a great option if you’re shopping for a wedding suit and a store doesn’t stock your size: once you’ve purchased your (oversized) suit, take your items to an experienced tailor. With their expert alterations, your suit will look like it was made just for you – and you can also guarantee you’ll get exactly the fit you’re looking for. Perfect!

Do experiment with different fabrics and colours

Wedding attire for men doesn’t have to be conventional: there are plenty of ways to show sartorial flair when picking your wedding suit – including fabrics, colours, linings and patterns. Get creative and choose a bold fabric like tweed, a pattern like subtle pinstripes – or opt for a fun lining like gold silk. Introduce colour through details: add a navy satin bow tie or a floral pocket handkerchief to match your groomsmen’s suits. 

Do select sleek shoes

Patent leather shoes, Oxford brogues – or suede loafers? Make sure you choose the right footwear to match your wedding attire: your shoes should ideally be both comfortable and smart, and should pull your look together with complementary colours or materials. If you’re wearing a charcoal grey wedding suit, for example, opt for similarly classic footwear, like black leather – or if your suit is a little bolder, try a colourful velvet loafer.

Do pick the right wedding accessories

A smart Rolex or a pair of cufflinks can go a long way to adding a finishing touch to your look. Cufflinks are a great way to accentuate the fabric or colours of your wedding suit – whether that’s a gold thread in your tweed jacket, a pale blue lining, or the caramel pattern on your tie. Pick a matching design, and you’ll be dressed to impress.

Wedding Suits: 4 Don’ts

Don’t ignore a dress code

Did the invitation specify black tie, a colour scheme, or smart casual? Whether you’ve been asked to wear a tweed wedding suit or a navy blue style with a bow tie, make sure your wardrobe choices don’t clash with the request of those getting married. That’s a definite fashion faux-pas! 

Don’t forget a three-piece wedding suit

It’s easy to focus only on the jacket and trousers of a wedding suit – but there’s another item to consider too. Don’t forget about the sophisticated three-piece wedding suit: while being a sure-fire way to look smart while your jacket is off, it can also be a fun opportunity to add some subtle colour or pattern to your look. 

Don’t wear mismatched metals

Introducing the easiest style hack in the book: make sure the metals on your jewellery or accessories match. If you’re wearing a gold watch strap or a gold earring, for example, your cufflinks should also be gold. This is important to consider while picking your suit, too: you might want to find a suit that will complement your accessories and vice versa. Matching your metals is a quick way to look polished on the big day. 

Don’t forget to dress for the season

Take a little style inspiration from the season. If it’s a winter wedding, opt for a warmer fabric like tweed, or add another layer to your wedding suit with a waistcoat. If a beautiful summer garden is the setting, why not (dress code permitting) add a touch of colour to your outfit with a floral tie or sunflower-yellow pocket square? 

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