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5 Ways To Wear 1 – Loafers

05 Sep 2023

Shoes are the one thing in every wardrobe that can cause issues when dressing. What shoes go best? What colour works well? Lets make this easier for you, lets look at styling Loafers

First of all, what are Loafers?

Loafers are easy, simple and sometimes the best shoes to wear. They are slip on style shoes that don’t have laces or any other kind of fastenings. These kind of shoes have a very low heel or even no heel and are typically made with leather or suede.


Why wear Loafers?

Loafers started life as a casual shoe, but have developed into a a shoe of the business world. Now days when you think of loafers many people imagine the type of lifestyle that has a dog bringing you your loafers in the morning. They are worn everywhere because they are more versatile, more convenient, more comfortable and above all, they are more stylish.

The most classic way to wear these is of course with a suit. A pair of black loafers with any suits make the perfect outfit. 

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