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Adding A Touch Of Femininity To Your Look

17 Oct 2020

Don’t be afraid to add to your look with some of our amazing House of Cavani lapel pins

Adding a touch of femininity to your look can make any outfit look bolder, brighter and more stylish.

Many of our House of Cavani suits come with the signature logo on the lapel.

House of Cavani sells some lovely tie sets that all come with a handkerchief. However, adding a matching lapel pin it guaranteed to make any look stand out more while adding that gentle touch.

It doesn’t even have to be a bold colour. Lighten your suit to  for the summer and add some darker undertones for that sense of mystery and confidence. Add our navy lapel flower pin to make your suit pop.

It doesn’t have to be all matching. Add a touch of style to your look with a lightly coloured tie and navy lapel pin.

Or if its sauve your looking for. Replace the shirt with a polo neck and add our navy lapel pins to a beige blazer to get the sophisticated look.


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