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Back To Work: A Style Guide For Returning To The Office

02 Feb 2022
men's office wear

The last year has seen a huge shift in our working environments as a large proportion of employees around the country have continued to work from home. Now, though, a number of workers have begun to incorporate office work back into their lives in some way, whether it’s full-time or a more relaxed, hybrid approach of office and home working combined. With so many workers now making the decision to make the transition from their home offices back to their real ones, this inevitably means that it’s also time to ditch the loungewear and opt for a work outfit that is a little more presentable to wear for those face-to-face meetings. 

While some might be slightly reluctant to forgo their love of casual clothing, many will also be excited at the prospect of putting their wardrobes to good use again and dressing up in their favourite workwear garments. Here at House of Cavani, we want to help you to get back into the swing of your daily routine, which is why we’ve created a go-to style guide to make your return to the office a little less daunting. Read on and be inspired by our selection of tips on how to dress for your return to the office and get back into your usual 9-5.

Embrace Formal Men’s Office Wear

A large percentage of professional working environments request that their employees attend work in formal dress, and for men, this means a full two or three-piece suit. While you may be excited by the prospect of dusting off the old faithful suit that has seen you through the years, we believe that there really is nothing better than treating yourself to a brand new style. Guaranteed to make you feel confident and put together, a smart business suit takes inspiration from classic designs of men’s office wear as well as current trends, allowing you to make a statement with your look.

There are plenty of different aesthetics that you could go for when it comes to your work suit, from traditional tweed and checked patterns for dressing to impress, to simple, light linen designs that instantly achieve a more relaxed look. If there is a strict dress code at your place of work, neutral colours are likely to be your go-to, so opting for a soft grey or classic black suit paired with formal shoes will allow you to look your best while adhering to any guidelines. However, if your office is a little more lenient with its dress code, why not get creative and incorporate a few bolder hues and patterns to make you stand out? Whether it’s smaller details such as a vibrant tie or pocket square or a full statement suit, curating your perfect outfit is sure to help you to take on your working day with confidence.

Try Casual Men’s Workwear

For those who work in an office where anything goes, a more relaxed dress code will allow you to express your own individual style and feel comfortable in whatever you wear. While many men still opt for suit trousers in a less formal working environment, pairing these with casual, versatile garments such as a basic shirt, blazer jacket or a jumper gives off a fun, stylish look that is likely to offer a great impression to your colleagues. 

You can also take your casual men’s workwear look a step further by incorporating a comfortable pair of black or navy denim jeans into your ensemble instead. A staple that should feature in every man’s wardrobe, this durable garment can be paired effortlessly with everything from shirts and t-shirts to knitwear and jackets to curate a look that works for you. Whether you choose to style your casual outfits with a smart pair of formal shoes or your favourite pair of trainers, you can go from your desk to after-work drinks or a social event without a hitch. A casual dress code also allows you to mix and match neutrals and brights to create a look that is unique to you.

Now that many office employees are now making their return to the workplace, there’s never been a better time to give your working wardrobe an overhaul. At House of Cavani, we offer an extensive collection of high-quality menswear, which includes suits, shirts, knitwear, denim, shoes and accessories for you to choose from. Take a look at our range today, and you’re sure to be inspired by our smart and casual workwear options.

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