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Cavani Goes Even Greener!

05 Sep 2023

What a start to the new year, huh?! 2021 will be shaping up to be a the year you make.

Join House of Cavani as we go even greener!


SOEX is the largest clothing re-wear and recycle company in the world. Repsenting a whole network of textile collection that is committed to the very highest standards. SOEX employs over 1,500 people who are dedicated to sorting, grading and redistributing the 1,000 tones of that arrive every day at our facitlities worldwide. 

House of Cavani & SOEX

As a retail distrubtor, we always make sure our clothes are of the highest quality and that our work is safe and sustainable. In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint we have joined SOEX in an effort to make sure everything is put to good use. 

On the rare occasion that out clothing or shoes are returned, we will send these items to SOEX for recyling. 

At House of Cavani we are aiming for ZERO waste. And thanks to SOEX, we will get there.


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