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Golden Rules For Suit Style

05 Sep 2023

Suit style. What are the golden rules?

No one wants to look bad in a suit, there some golden rules to follow for suit style. You can’t go wrong with these!

Suit Style

Sometimes, Always, Never

As we said the the other day, Sometimes, Always, Never

Sometimes button up the top button

Always button the middle button

Never button the bottom button

Suit Style – Unfastening the buttons

A MUST. Unless you want to spoil your suit, or just look entirely uncomfortable. Probably something you’d prefer to avoid. Unbutton the jacket when sitting to avoid creases.  Fasten it up again when you stand.

Suit Style

Suit Style & Accessories

Equip your wardrobe. A clean white shirt, a navy suit and a pair of jeans are all flexible garments that can be dressed accordingly. (Take a look at our essential wardrobe post). Add a bit of personality into your style. Don’t forget your tie, watch, belt and cufflinks of course.


Maintenance is KEY. Ensure you are well groomed at all times. Shoes must be polished, tailored shirts steamed and jackets dry cleaned. A post-shave skin care routine and regular visits to the barber will ensure you always look your best.

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