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Paradigms Of Clothing

05 Sep 2023

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What is a Paradigm?

A paradigm is just a pattern. Something that is followed time and time again throughout history, or has developed its own. So many brands now offer so much in the terms of clothing paradigms. I would suggest that you keep these paradigms in mind when choosing your wardrobe. You might find that while many of them can overlap, they each have their own aesthetic – in terms of cut, texture and colour.

British Country

A British country style has been a dominant force in the western world of menswear for quiet some time. Its certainly influenced many designers over the years, particularly in the US. This elegant clothing is often tailored, but with cloth suited to country pursuits. 

Primary clothing: Tweed, corduroy, waxed or checked jacket.

Secondary Clothing: Cardigans, fishmens sweaters, wellingtons or riding boots, quilted jackets.





America Prep

In many ways, American prep clothing is a fashion that reworked the English country clothing.  With bright colours and tweed jacks following the patterns. However, there has been so much growth of American fashion over the past 50 years that brands like Ralph Laruen and Tommy Hilfiger have made these their own.

Italian Smooth

Without a label I’m sure you’d struggle to figure out a Brioni, Corneliani or Cucinelli sweater without the label. There is of course a difference but there is a Italian aesthetic in their the causal clothing. The Simple, chic aesthetic has been dominated by the italian style.



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