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Style Tips And Upgrades With House Of Cavani

05 Sep 2023

House of Cavani Style Tips. What does it mean to ‘upgrade’ your style? Does it require a massive wardrobe? Plenty of cash? 

Well… No!

In fact, when it comes to style tips for men, big things come in small packages. You can level up your style with these tricks, spending less and more wisely. 

style tips

Style Tips – Purge Your Closet

Throw out the trash! Declutter your closet and get rid of any anti-stylish clothes. These are clothes that:

  • Are overstretched
  • Worn out
  • lost their original colour
  • Have unwashable stains

This can help you identify the good stuff which you can work with. Out of the clothes you have left, take out the things you hardly wear and put them in a box with the current date on it.  The idea behind the box is to donate everything that is one year after the marked date. This way, nothing can remain as ‘junk’ in your closet forever.

style tips

Style Tips – Get your Clothes Tailored

There is one kind of ‘trash’ that is worth saving – your oversized clothes. Especially your casual shirts, jackets and jeans that still look good. Take them to the tailor and get them altered. Remember when it comes to tailoring, communication is key.

Make sure you specify the needs for each item of clothing. You’re not just putting in money for their service, you also risk the good money you spent on the clothes themselves!

Get Your Core Wardrobe Peices

When you’ve done your purge, check if you’re lacking any core items of clothes. They might be a pair of dark-coloured jeans or the casual counterpart of a dress shirt like a polo or a jumper. Those are examples of ESSENTIAL items you are going to need at some point in any given week.

It’s important to know which pieces make up your core wardrobe, they are the building blocks of your personal style. They have to be pretty dependable with great quality. So finding the right brand of basic clothes matters because your whole image will be influenced by it.

But how do you chose the ‘best’ core clothing? A good strategy is to build an interchangeable wardrobe. It’s the kind of wardrobe where you can mix and match almost anything in terms of colour, pattern or texture. If it’s successfully built – you’ll end up buying much less clothing for years to come.

Use a Signature Piece

There are many occasions where one extra piece can transform your style. So take advantage of that. Use an accessory to add a dose of ‘uniqueness’ to your outfit. There are lots of accessories that can function as your signature piece. The trick here is to find something a) you love wearing and b) products a nice contrast with the stuff you usually like to wear (Like a dress shirt or a casual shirt).

Vests are a perfect example of this. If you’ve got the time, you may discover a good vest from the charity/thrift store in your area. A classic hat or even a good pair of boots is a good choice for the colder months.

Embrace Monochrome

Something many men underestimate is the importance of colour and contrast. So monochrome can give you some kick-ass options. Monochrome means one colour for both the top and the bottom layers. Your best bet is to have 2-3 outfits in any of the following colours,

  • Dark blues – to give off a youthful vibe
  • Darker Greys – For professional setting
  • Medium Greys – for low contrast guys.

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