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Summer Styles By House Of Cavani

05 Sep 2023

It’s already the middle of spring and soon enough it’ll be summer too. So now is the time to dig out those summer looks from the back of the wardrobe and throw them in the washer so you’re ready for that warmer weather. Let’s take a look at some spring and summer looks.

With the weather heating up the layers are coming off, no more thick winter coat but instead something lighter and airier. The House of Cavani James Jacket is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. It’s comfortable and stylish in a way you cannot deny. Pair with one of our Rio Shirts for a classic smart-casual look.

If the weather gets any warmer then we’ll have to ditch the jacket altogether! Swap the jacket and shirt for one of our cotton polo shirts. This thinner layer will give you all the warmth you need while allowing you room to breathe and cool down when the hot sun is on your back. Pair with some of our comfortable jeans for a well-rounded look.

Looking for something else?

Why not try one of our jumpers with a comfortable chino or even a comfortable suit trouser.

Create your best summer look with Cavani.

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