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What Should Men Wear To The Office Christmas Party?

05 Sep 2023
Christmas Office Party Outfit

It’s that time of year again, the time of Christmas parties, and we know what that means – you need an outfit. When choosing your Christmas party outfit, you have many things to consider. What’s the dress code? Should I wear a tie? 

Whatever questions you have, here at Cavani, we’ve broken down what it takes for you to be the best dressed this year. So without further ado, what should men wear to the office Christmas party?

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Christmas party attire

Christmas parties are different for everyone. For some, it’s a casual round of drinks at your local pub. For others, it’s an elegant three-course meal finished with a city skyline view. 

Wherever your Christmas party is, you want to dress the part. So you need to cater to the dress code given to you. If you haven’t been given a dress code, asking those in charge will give you that added peace of mind. 

Here at House of Cavani, we know the importance of looking your best, and that’s why we’ve broken down each dress code, so you can turn up confidently and avoid looking under or overdressed in the perfect Christmas party outfit.

Cavani shirts and shoes for the office Christmas party

Casual office Christmas party outfit

A night of Christmas drinks with your favourite colleagues is coming, and the dress code is casual. The casual dress code at Christmas parties voids all fears of appearing underdressed while wearing your favourite tees and sneakers. 

If you’re heading to an evening pub, opt for darker jeans alongside your favourite designer t-shirt and watch for a stylish look. Although you should prioritise comfort, avoid wearing dress-down items such as joggers, caps and hoodies. 

Can you wear jeans to a Christmas party?

Jeans are a viable option for a casual look, particularly smart-casual fits by balancing the line of chic and relaxed clothing. 

The beauty of jeans is they go with almost anything. For example, you can blend black denim jeans with a crisp white buttoned shirt or style it with an oversized t-shirt. They are two completely different looks but both require a stylish pair of jeans. 

You can also explore our range of chinos for a well-suited, semi-casual look.

When the dress code is formal, we recommend you avoid jeans, which are widely seen as inappropriate attire for these events. 

What to wear with a Christmas jumper

There’s only one time of year when you can make the most of your Christmas jumper, so if you decide to wear it at a Christmas party, styling it with a pair of black denim jeans will leave you in comfort.

But you do have to ask yourself whether or not this is appropriate. After all, turning up to a Christmas ball in a jumper may not suffice.

Smart-casual Christmas party outfit

The combination of business and casual brings us smart-casual, providing you with a traditional look that adds a touch of business with some casual staples. 

It can be hard to describe what exactly counts as smart casual, as the definition isn’t concrete, but an outfit that embodies this perfectly is a slim-fit blazer, brown loafers, fitted chinos and a shirt. 

What’s the difference between smart-casual and casual? 

If you’re wondering what the difference between smart-casual and casual is,it’s best described as a slightly formal version of casual; the next step up. So instead of wearing a t-shirt, change it to a button-down shirt.

Another way to understand it is to put it into the context of professionalism. Smart casual is slightly more in-line with a corporate look, avoiding baggy trousers and t-shirts, but it isn’t quite at a formal level. 

Need help figuring out how to make a smart casual fit? Start by complementing your favourite casual items with higher-end garments, such as a blazer and a pair of smart shoes. 

Christmas party suit sleeve shot

Formal office Christmas party outfit

When the invitation says the dress code is ‘formal’, it’s time to get the suits out. Sometimes referred to as “black tie attire”, the formal dress code is all about glamour and sophistication. 

Your upcoming Christmas party may require a tuxedo, but if this is not the case, you can open yourself up to the world of suits. If you’re looking for a safe option, black, blue and grey are the most common colours – all of which we have here at Cavani. 

Your next question will most likely be about style, which ultimately depends on your preference, whether you’re looking for a slim or regular fit or a particular colour. 

Christmas office party suit by Cavani


Should I get a two-piece or a three-piece suit? 

As the drinks flow and you start making your way to the dance floor, you may want to take an added layer off. If this is the case, then two-piece suits are your ideal choice, coming without the waistcoat but keeping your look intact. 

Three-piece suits also have their selling points, providing an added layer of sophistication – a matching waistcoat. Here at Cavani, we have an array of three-piece suits available in different colours and patterns, so you can feel confident in a suit you love.

Should I wear a suit to the Christmas party?

Whether or not you should wear a suit to the Christmas party all comes down to the dress code. If the occasion is formal, we recommend you bring out your favourite suit or make the investment to avoid feeling underdressed. 

If the dress code is anything below formal or semi-formal, set aside the suit for now and save it for the next suit-worthy occasion. 

What suit should I wear to a Christmas party? 

These events often require a tuxedo, a complimentary suit that offers a pleasing silhouette with a traditional satin lapel. Paired with an elegant black bow or traditional tie, this look is the pinnacle of formal attire.

What tie should I wear at a Christmas party? 

If the dress code is formal, you need a tie, so we’ll take you through what you need to consider when selecting your tie for the Christmas party. 

Here at Cavani, we have an array of ties available in an abundance of colours. That being said, you want your tie to compliment your look. So what do you do? 

When establishing your tie choice, the fundamental rule is to go for a darker colour than your shirt. Alternatively, a patterned tie will draw attention, and a knitted tie is more minimalistic.

Get your Christmas party outfit with Cavani

Avoid turning up underdressed by investing in a sophisticated suit from an expert designer, focusing on premium quality materials and exquisite designs – you can’t go wrong with our celebratory suits today.

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