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Who’D Have Thought It? – Knitwear

22 Oct 2022

As the great TV show character once said:

Winter is Coming

For us, this means one thing. Layer up. The temperatures are going down and the coats are coming out of the closet. keep your style up high with these knitwear choices.

Our knitwear range is small but mighty, giving you the best options for your look.

Take a look at all of our knitwear range here

Knitwear – Shirts


Our pink polo shirt is comfortable and stylish, perfect for the autumn knitwear closet. Pair is with jeans and have your day to day look complete.

Built for enjoyment, our House of Cavani polo shirts are hard to beat.

Our House of Cavani Model Warren Phillips shows off how you can still look like one hell of a man in pink.

Style these with out House of Cavani jeans to get the look.

Add a lighter colour to your wardrobe with the classic ecru coloured textured polo neck. 100% cotton and almost *too* comfortable. Perfect for that quick trip into the office on your day off or a day running errands.

Also available in navy

Our House of Cavani Models Warren Phillips and Chez rust shows us just how comfortable these polos are.

Style these with out House of Cavani jeans to get the look.


Layer up with any of these long sleeve 100% cotton pullovers to keep you warm in the winter months. These jumps are perfect for that smart but casual look on a lighter job. Stylish, light and best with a house of Cavani shirt.

Available in Ercu, Sky, pink and Navy

Our House of Cavani Models Warren Phillips and Chez rust show off these stylish way to wear the jumpers.

Style these with out House of Cavani shirts and jeans to get the look.

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