Brexit - How will it affect my Cavani Shopping experience?

How will Brexit affect my shopping experience on Cavani?

There’s no need to worry – you can still place your orders and shop as normal on Cavani. We’re taking care to ensure that your shopping experience remains unaffected. 

Will Cavani prices go up? 

We’re continuously reviewing our prices to make sure that we’re offering all Cavani collections at competitive prices.

Am I going to have to wait longer for my delivery? 

We’ve put several measures in place to avoid any impact on delivery times, however during this current climate your item may take a little longer to arrive than usual. Unfortunately we are experiencing delays due to suspension and restrictions of international services around air, road, ferry and train movements from the UK. Thank you for your patience as we operate during these uncertain times.

Will delivery prices change? 

We want to ensure that our customers are aware of all charges and taxes they may be liable for. Here at Cavani we are not planning to make any changes to our prices as a result of Brexit and we will absorb the costs of duties and taxes for our customers so that they do not have to pay any charges. However for all international deliveries we are not able to guarantee that there won't be any additional charges once your items arrive in your country from the UK. 

We ask that you please pay particular attention to this page as this information will be updated regularly.

For more information on UK and International Deliveries please go here

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