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Calum Best at House of Cavani

10 Sep 2020

House of Cavani is excited to announce that Calum Best is one of the faces of our brand! We have featured quite a few celebrities and models in our suits, and Calum is next to join the ranks. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s a British American television personality. The son of famous Northern Irish footballer, George Best, and English model, Angie Best.

Despite being born in the United States and growing up stateside for a significant portion of his childhood. Where he actually began his modelling career in his mid teens in Los Angeles, California. He has made quite a name for himself in the UK and we’re happy to have him on board! He’s smashing his career over here. Having been in in reality TV shows like Fool Around With on E4. The Match on Sky One, Celebrity Love Island, which he won in 2006 on ITV. He’s also been in Footballers’ Wives, playing himself.


TV Show Appearances

There’s been some travel shows which followed him around the world, a few stints in Celebrity Big Brother. He was on Celebs Go Dating and more! Calum has done a lot of charity work and is involved in many different ones. Currently being the patron of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (“Nacoa”).  A UK charity providing support to children affected by a parent’s drinking. He’s also no stranger to designing as he has his own crystal jewellery brand called Aura by Calum. Which is unisex, and he’s released own name fragrances in the past too. With all of this under his belt, and the tabloids previous unfair portrayals of him in the past. You will be pleased to know he’s nothing but a true gentleman, extremely polite, and very easy to chat to.

It helps that he knows how to pose and looks good in all of the House of Cavani suits. Making him extremely talented at his job. We did the shoot at the ever gorgeous Manor House Hotel in Chippenham. Just outside of Bath, and it was such a stunning location. As you can see, we ended up getting some perfect shots. Now lets move onto the suits Calum was wearing. And take a look at some of the picture perfect images as well.

Models at House of Cavani – Best At Cavani


Tommy Brown Tweed Check Three Piece Suit

First up, at the top of this post is our iconic tweed Tommy Suit in brown. Paired with a light pink tie and pocket square. This suit is perfect for getting that Peaky Blinders look that everyone loves at the moment. It’s also an ideal option now that the weather is cooler since tweed is warm. It’s a very versatile option for the country look. With a subtle red and blue check running through it. It means you can regularly chose various different accessories to complement it. 

Again, that classic Peaky Blinders vibe here is just perfect! This is the Albert Grey Tweed Suit, which is one of our best sellers here at House of Cavani. And it looks fantastic when worn with the light blue tie and pocket square, finished off with the matching flat cap, and our Kingston slim fit navy overcoat worn over the top. It doesn’t get more Peaky Blinders inspired than this, all while looking modern and fashionable, not dated. There’s something about this that’s a classic, and Calum just rocks it. 


Radika Slim Fit Light Grey Check Suit

The suit featured above is the ideal light weight Radika suit, which is a cream, shade with a subtle check on it. You can visualise this one being worn at Summer garden parties and really allowing you to stand out from the crowd. You can go with a navy tie and pocket square to keep in theme with the pattern, or jazz it up with something bright as cream goes with anything. One thing is for sure though, it really gives off that cool guy vibe and if you have the confidence to pull it off, you will be the best dressed man in the Summer! 

David Beckham inspired this look here with our golden Lennox Beige toned waistcoat, paired with a Steele Blue suit. It’s become quite iconic to have a different coloured waistcoat to your suit, and we recommend doing it this way! It’s one way to stand out and make a more fashion conscious choice with a suit. Cream and navy is a great pairing, however, you can always go for different combinations such as grey with navy or even grey with black. 


Calum Best
Calum Best
Calum Best
Calum Best


Martez Brown Tweed Suit

Another one of our best sellers, the Martez Brown, and Calum looks perfect in it. A darker shade of Autumnal brown with earthy tones to it, it’s one of those suits that will literally suit anyone. It’s one of our hottest selling three pieces for a reason! Again, as it’s tweed, this can be used for a Peaky Blinders look if you love that! Otherwise, it’s ideal for looking smart, but in a slightly more casual way. It also boasts a really nice fit and looks classic when it’s on, you can’t go wrong. 

 Calum Best

Calum Best

Calum Best


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