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The Grey Suit

07 Sep 2020

Grey is one of the most popular colours when choosing a suit, perfectly suitable for those summer evenings, but is also just as viable for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. However, when it comes to pairing this classic colour with a tie and pocket square, it is very easy to fall into a fashion faux pas trap. With this post we aim to dispel any fears associated with determining which tie set will give you that edge at the next board meeting or even that upcoming wedding!

The Grey Suit - Grey, Silver and Blue

The most simple of tie styles to match a grey suit will be complimentary colours, tones which share many of the same characteristics. Grey, silver and even blue fall into this category and all complement the grey fabric perfectly. This style is more suited (pun intended) to a more formal occasion like a wedding or an official event, but still easily looks at home when worn to the office or even a night out on the town


The Grey Suit – Bold Colours

If you want to create a bold statement, then you can always opt for a stand out colour choice! You still have to be careful not to cross the line into a shockingly garish combination. Remember to pick tones which are still within a similar colour palette. The bold styles are for those events when you really need to make a statement. Perhaps you have an important business meeting approaching, a vibrantly colourful tie can help enforce your commanding status, after all if you can carry of such a bright tie with confidence, your colleagues will surely have your full attention! Adding a touch of colour would also be ideal in brightening up those grey wedding suits.


Finally we have the patterned ties. These particular styles are held in reserve for those of us who are particularly outgoing and like to cause a stir in the fashion world. The choice of patterned styles available is truly staggering, equally this opens up many more opportunities chose something truly awful. We have chosen 3 tie and grey suit combinations which tick all the boxes!

Hopefully this information has helped give you a little insight into what is an ideal match for your grey suit style! Please let us know in the comments below your thoughts and opinions!

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