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House Of Cavani Boxing Champanions

11 Sep 2020

House of Cavani has teamed up with professional boxers. Billy Joe SaundersKid GalahadKel Brook, and boxing trainer, Dominic Ingle, for the latest shoot. Our team headed up to Sheffield, to spend some time with the guys. Even professional sportsmen and boxing champions need suits sometimes! For those of you not very familiar with these men, you can find out more about them just below!

House of Cavani Boxing Champanions – BILLY JOE SAUNDERS

Billy Joe Saunders was born on the 30th August 1989. He is a British professional boxer that has held world championships in two weight classes. Including the WBO super-middleweight title (since May 2019). And the WBO middleweight title from 2015 to 2018, prior. Billy is actually the first boxer from the Travelling community to become a two-weight world champion, making history. That’s quite an achievement! At regional level, Billy held the European, British, and Commonwealth middleweight titles between 2012 and 2015. That’s something to definitely be proud of. He also represented Great Britain at the 2008 Olympics. Reaching the second round of the welterweight bracket, then in the same year, he won gold at the EU Championships. With so many achievements under his belt it’s no wonder that as of December 2019. Above all he was ranked as the world’s second best active super-middleweight by BoxRec and sixth by The Ring. How cool is that?


Previous Next Ezekiel “Kell” Brook was born on the 3rd May 1986 and he is a British professional boxer. He held the IBF welterweight title from 2014 to 2017. Furthermore he has challenged once for a unified middleweight title in 2016. We also know that at regional level, he held the British welterweight title from 2008 to 2010. If we take a look back to May 2017. Kel was ranked as the world’s best active welterweight by The Ring magazine. As of September 2019, he was ranked as the world’s eighth best active light middleweight by BoxRec. Ninth by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and tenth by The Ring magazine. How amazing is that? Going back to his history. He had his first amateur fight at age 12 under the guidance of coach, Brendan Ingle. Consequently, by the end of his amateur career, he had won 31 of his 36 fights. Winning two Amateur Boxing Association of England titles. Two National Association of Boys Clubs British Boxing Championships and a Gold medal in the 4 Nations. That is some accomplishments! Kel had inspiration early on in his career, and that was Naseem Hamed. In addition, he was also trained by Brendan Ingle at the same Wincobank gym, now ran by his son, Dominic Ingle.


Born on the 3rd March 1990 in Qatar, the capital of Doha, Abdul-Bari Awad (best known by his nickname of “Kid Galahad”), is a British professional boxer who held the European, British, and Commonwealth super-bantamweight titles between 2013 and 2015. If you’re wondering how he came up with his ring name, it was chosen by his trainer, Brendan Ingle, after a character played by Elvis Presley in the 1962 film of the same name. I always love hearing the stories behind names! Galahad was originally from Yemen, but his father was in the Qatar Armed Forces and was released as part of an agreement with the Americans after the conclusion of the Gulf War. He came to England with his parents at the age of 4, and eventually ended up in Sheffield, where he’s currently living. At 13 he he met trainer Brendan Ingle and his boxing passion began. He decided that taking up boxing would keep him off the streets and would stop him from following in his siblings footsteps and ending up in gang violence. He initially went to the gym to get bigger, then noticed the ring, and shadow boxed for a few minutes, then the rest was history, he knew then that he wanted to become a boxer.
Previous Next Kid Galahad got to meet his hero Prince Naseem Hamed by chance, who told him that if he wanted to be great in boxing and wanted to be a champion, he should definitely train at the Brendan Ingle gym. After driving around for an hour, Galahad and his mother found the gym, and that’s how it all started.

House of Cavani Boxing Champanions – DOMINIC INGLE

Previous Next Son of boxing trainer and manager Brendan Ingle, Dominic is now head trainer at the legendary Wincobank Gym (Ingle Gym) in Sheffield, which has produced many prominent champions such as Ryan Rhodes, Johnny Nelson, Herol Graham, Naseem Hamed, Junior Witter and Kell Brook. It’s the place to go for boxing! For over 40 years, the Ingle Gym has been active and training boxers, ever since Brendan Ingle first moved to Sheffield from Ireland, looking for work in the late 1950’s. It’s been a haven for disruptive youths, giving them some concentration, focus and discipline, while listening with the utmost respect and compassion for the Irishman that saved them from themselves. Over the past few decades, Ingle gym has proudly produced World champions, European champions, Commonwealth champions, British champions and English champions.

The Suits

The boxing champions were head to toe in House of Cavani, modelling some tweed suits and some of our more classic three pieces, in a mixture of navy, beige, grey, and blues. Finishing some looks off with flat caps and pocket chains, we think they look incredibly dapper. Billy Joe Saunders wore one of our classics, the Albert Brown (see it here) and he also opted for the Carnegi in Navy. Kid Galahad chose the Martez Brown three piece suit (see here) and paired it with a Shelby Overcoat in Navy. Dominic Ingle had on the Tommy suit (buy it here) which he styled with an overcoat. Kel Brook chose a navy pinstripe suit named Lopez and also a lighter blue three piece, named Bonita. As you can see, all 4 of these guys look handsome and dapper in our suits! What do you think?  
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