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7 Distinct Types of Suits for Men The Ultimate Guide

13 Sep 2022

The world of suits can be confusing. They come in many different styles, colours and fits. When you wear a suit, you immediately feel more confident. You stand up taller and own your walk.

You need a suit that reflects your personality while sticking to your personal preferences, and like fashion trends, your preferences will change over time. What you wear will depend on the occasion, so investing in a high-quality suit will ensure you’re comfortable at any event, and you can stick to focusing on what matters. 

Discovering the right suit for you has its challenges, but here at Cavani, we’ve got you covered with our men’s suit guide. So how do you know which suit is right for your occasion? Let’s break down the different types of men’s suits, when to wear them, and what suits are in style now.


Make An Entrance With Our Tweed Suits

Albert Grey Tweed Suit by Cavani

Tweed suits are generally combined between a variety of wool and pieces of cotton, resulting in suits that are perfect for colder conditions. Despite the warmer layers, tweed suits are tailored to fit well and are a classic choice for outdoor events with their admirable, classy presence. 

These suits typically seem to be on the higher end when it comes to costs due to their quality and carefully crafted tailoring, but investing in a tweed suit is a long-term commitment. If you want to command authority whilst remaining comfortable in a lightweight blazer, in colder conditions, for many years, then tweed suits are perfect.

What Suit You Should Wear This Autumn

Power Three Piece Suit

Grey Powered Slim Fit Suit by Cavani

When the leaves start to fall, and the excitement for festive events starts to appear – you know Autumn is here. While the temperature might be dropping, your style definitely shouldn’t be. That’s not to say that your style will stay the same all around. An autumn suit, for example, tends to incorporate darker hues and colours, just like other men’s autumnal menswear. Your options for the perfect autumn suit are varied. 

If you’re looking for that peaky blinder style, a tweed suit with its sophisticated silhouette and sleek tailoring is the symbolic peaky blinder aesthetic. If you’d prefer a more modern twist, a slim-fit suit with a classic waistcoat in autumnal colours is the way to go to elevate your style this Autumn.

Summer Suits – Which Suits To Go For In The Heat


Miami Beige Three Piece Summer Suit

Summer is the season full of late nights, suncream and fruit platters, and with your summer plans coming up, you may ask yourself, what suit should I get this summer? 

You need to consider hotter temperatures when looking for the perfect suit this season. Ideally, look for lighter-weight materials that are open weave. These can include wool, fresco, linen and cotton. 

Can you wear a wool suit in the summer? 

There is a common misconception about wearing wool in summer. Understandably, as you’d think, it would be counterproductive to tackle the heat. It’s all about the quality of your summer suit and the fabrics used. It’s very rare for a wool suit to be predominately woven from one type of wool – they are often combined with other bines or other materials, including cotton and tweed. 

Respectively, the misconception around wool continues in the world of suits that wool is ill-fitting – which couldn’t be further from the truth. When tailored correctly, wool is lightweight, highly absorbent and allows for breathability – perfect for a formal summer event. 
Here at Cavani, we offer a vast summer collection of men’s suits that are carefully tailored to offer breathability and flexibility in warmer climates. Ideal for races and weddings, stand out with our unique, one off designs now.

Special Event? Add Class With A Tuxedo

Cavani Two Piece Tux

Originating in the late 1800s, the tuxedo became the statement piece for representing everyone who was glamourous and opulent. With their highly regarded status and lavish presence, tuxedos are perfect for every special occasion. 

Weddings, proms, summer balls and award ceremonies, whatever event you want to go all out on, you can not get much more formal than a tuxedo. The classic satin lapel, styled alongside a white shirt and black bowtie, will bring out your inner James Bond, making you feel like the distinguished gentleman you are destined to be. Have an upcoming formal event but have no tux to match? Well, we’ve got the perfect guide on ‘what to wear to a black tie event if you don’t have a tux‘ to help you out!

3 Piece Suits – Get The Whole Look

 Kyoto Three Piece Suit

Kyoto Three Piece Suit

Perfect for the modern gentleman, 3-piece suits tie together three components, a waistcoat, a matching blazer and a pair of trousers. Not only do they provide a stylish look, but they take all the hard work of tying these pieces together and do it for you. 

House of Cavani provides the perfect 3-piece suits for you, curating collections that every gentleman should know about. Incorporating timeless designs with premier tailoring, our suits will last and mix traditional and modern styles so you know you can look stylish in years to come.

Suits for Tall Men

For tall men looking for a suit, the key is to find a suit that compliments your height. Ideally, avoid suits that give the illusion that you are taller, including trends such as cropped legs and tightly fitted jackets. 

Interestingly though, blazers that appear too baggy may need avoidance too. This is due to the shoulder pads extending the size of your torso. 

Suits for Short Men

Finding a suit of the perfect size for a shorter man can be a challenge. We do recommend getting measured to find your ideal torso and leg length – this will make deciding what suit to wear significantly less challenging. 

It’s important to avoid suits that are too long on the arms or legs, as well as suits that are dramatically baggy. Slim fit or tailored suits are perfect for shorter men, alongside trousers that just reach the top of your shoes. Combining your suit with some shoes that have a slight heel never hurts either.  

Cavani’s Suits

Miami Sky Three Piece Suit

Miami Sky Blue Suit

Finding the right suit for you is no easy task, but with our expertise, we have broken down some of the most popular styles of suits, as well as how short and taller men can tackle their challenges when finding the right one. 

Here at Cavani, our designers carefully tailor all our pieces so you can have peace of mind in knowing that our high-quality men’s suits are made to last. With a high volume of orders, make sure you turn up to your next occasion in style with your perfect fitting suit – before it’s gone!


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