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The Ultimate Prom Suit Guide

17 Jun 2022

When choosing your prom suit, it can be hard to know what vibe to go for. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to know which style to choose and which colour to pick and let’s not get started on the accessories.

Prom Accessories

Don’t worry; at Cavani, we’re here to help you and break down the decisions you need to make to ensure you’re the best dressed in the room. We’ll cover everything from fit to accessories, how to tie your tie and even afterparty looks you can go for when the afternoon events turn into the evening.


1. 2 piece or 3 piece?

2. How to choose the colour of your prom suit

3. Blue, black or grey suit?

4. Bold prom suit options 

5. Prom accessories 

6. The afterparty 

What type of suit to wear to prom

When choosing your prom suit, deciding which fit, colour and style to go for can vary depending on your style and preferences. We’ve broken down our style advice for you and have provided everything you need to consider before choosing your prom suit. 

2 piece or 3 piece prom suit

Deciding whether you want to go for a 2 piece or 3 piece suit is a personal choice, but there are benefits to both. 

A 2 piece suit is a great if you’re sure that you’ll be busting a move on the dancefloor. 2 piece suits come without the waistcoat, providing you with more freedom to move around and if you know the location you are heading to will heat up – ditching the waistcoat is a good idea. 

If you want to make a bold statement with your outfit, a 2 piece suit will allow you to be bold with your shirt of choice. Opt for a quirky print or a stand-out colour with your 2 piece suit, and prepare to turn the heads of your classmates. 

A 3 piece suit is designed to show off your taste for sophistication, and at Cavani, we have a wide range for you to choose from. Consisting of a suit jacket, waistcoat and suit trousers, a 3 piece suit is more formal than a 2 piece suit but is not as formal as a tux. 

How to choose the colour of your prom suit

The colour of your suit can make a difference to your overall look – no pressure. 

When choosing which colour suit you want to go with, you should consider the following points: 

  • The colour of your shoes
  • The colour of your shirt 
  • The colour of your tie, pocket square and other accessories
Prom suit

The traditional suit colours: blue, black and grey

If you want to play it safe, then a traditional suit colour is a perfect choice. These consist of blue suits, black suits and grey suits – all of which we have available for you at Cavani. 

Blue suit – Often referred to as a navy suit; a blue suit is a classic and timeless option that will never go out of style. 

You can’t go too wrong in terms of shirt choice  – a simple white shirt or a pale blue one will work well, but you can also mix up your choice and go for a pale pink or striped option. Whatever colour shirt you choose, make sure it’s pale. 

Pair your navy suit with brown shoes as this colour combination matches perfectly. 

Black suit – If you want to feel like Bond, a black suit is for you. Classic. Stylish. Sophisticated. A black suit will make you look instantly dapper and is a safe option. 

A crisp white shirt is the best option for your prom suit and will allow other areas of your suit to shine. You can also wear a  pale blue shirt with a black suit, but this is more suited to a professional workplace setting. 

Combine your black suit with a clean and fresh pair of black shoes for a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Grey suit – If you want to play around with your colour choices, then a grey suit is the choice for you. Grey suits are a semi-blank canvas that you can work in your favour. When choosing your colour pairings for a grey suit, you have a few options! 

A white or blue shirt works well with a grey suit as the hues aren’t too overpowering and blend perfectly. This means you can be bolder with your accessories and choose a brighter coloured tie and pocket square. 

Light or dark brown brogues work well with a grey suit, and the combining hues contrast perfectly with one another. Alternatively, you can go for a simple shoe and opt for a black variation. 

Bold suit options that will make you stand out at prom

If you want to stand out from the crowd at prom and go down a route that isn’t as traditional, then we have a few options for you to choose from. 

Beige suit – A beige suit can be a great way to mix up your suit style, and when it comes to styling options, we have a range of accessories that you can pair perfectly with it. 

Tuxedo – If you want to stand out at prom – try a tux. The height of formalwear, the tuxedo is a great way to show off your sophisticated and refined style. At Cavani, we have a range of colours within our tuxedo range, such as red tuxedos and navy tuxedos, that will give you that added edge. 

What to wear to prom

Prom accessories – ties and pocket squares

When choosing your prom accessories, you have a few options. Typically, you should be looking for a tie and a pocket square, and you’ll find a range of ties available that we’ll walk you through now.

Plain ties

Matching your tie colour to your suit is important, and at Cavani, we have a wide array of colour choices for you to choose from. When choosing your tie, one general rule that you should follow is that your tie needs to be darker than the colour of your shirt. Alternatively, try and stick to the following colour combinations as outlined below: 

Blue Suit  Black Suit  Grey Suit 
Blue  Purple Black 
Purple  Black  Grey (but opt for a colourful shirt)
Green  Red/Burgundy  Red/Burgundy
Pink Grey Brown

Bow ties 

When added to your prom suit, a bow tie can be a quirky accessory. At Cavani, we have a wide range for you to consider. Discover everything from standard velvet bow ties that offer luxurious appeal to tweed bow ties that will let you channel your inner Shelby (check out our guide on how to dress like a Peaky Blinder if that’s the look you want to go for). Or you could even try a knitted bow tie for a sophisticated yet charming aesthetic. 

Patterned ties

Adding a pop of colour to your look couldn’t be easier with our range of patterned ties available at Cavani. Choose from striped ties to draw the eye or polka dot ties to pull together all the elements of your look. 

Knitted ties

A knitted tie is not a common type, and opting for one will make you stand out from the crowd. At Cavani, we have a wide array of colours and styles for you to choose from to ensure you create a shirt and tie combination that blends perfectly. Discover pale salmon colours that will make your shirt pop to polka dot knitted ties that can add a quirky and fun element to your prom outfit. 

What to wear to a prom afterparty

This is where the fun begins. Choosing your prom afterparty look is a great way to express your true style whilst still staying smart and true to occasionwear. 

A contemporary look that we love is suit trousers or trousers that are slightly more formal paired with our P50 trainers. Go sockless for an on-trend look that doesn’t require you to change from your prom suit. If you want to switch up your look for the afterparty but stay in semi-formal attire, you could pair the P50s with some chinos for a relaxed yet smart fit. 

Another option for your prom afterparty outfit is something from our knitwear collection, which includes smart casual polo shirts, jumpers and turtle necks that you can dress down into from your suit. 

Get prom ready with Cavani today

Make sure that you are the best-dressed at your prom with the collection of prom suits, suits, accessories and more from Cavani. Crafted from premium materials and cut with sophisticated silhouettes in mind – you won’t go wrong when you choose a Cavani prom suit. 

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