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Classic Suit Colours Every Man Should Own

09 Sep 2020

Take a look at these 4 classic suit colours. Suits are one of the most common, classic, and essential pieces in every man’s wardrobe. In an ideal world, every man should own all of the classic colour suits. They are perfect for different occasions and seasons, making them extremely versatile so that you won’t be left out of any event. Of course you wouldn’t have to break the bank if you bought from House of Cavani instead of Saville Row. You can definitely add some of our mens tweed suits to your collection and look dapper, while being affordable. However, even if you only purchase one suit, find out which of these 4 classic colours suit you best and are the most versatile if you can’t have them all! So what are we referring to when we say classic suit colours? A man’s Classic Suit looks optimal with a tailored fit in dark grey, black or navy. With a summer option of light grey or taupe. This is the perfect suit to wear to a number of formal events. But also for the more casual occasions too. It’s the classic suit that is your versatile weapon – an essential. Pretty much all suit designers create their suits in black, charcoal/dark grey and navy to cover all bases. So you will literally find these three shades everywhere you go. These three colours are extremely versatile and can be worn for pretty much all occasions. Trust us, it just depends what look you are seeking. The best bit as well is that you don’t have to go plain if you don’t want to. If you’re a guy that loves fashion, but still needs the classics. You can’t go wrong with pinstripe or checked versions of these! We only suggest that you do keep one of the colours plain, black! We will tell you why in this article, but find out below how to wear each of these colours!

Classic Suit Colours – The Trusty Black Suit

As you can guess, one of our first classic suit colours is black. Versatile, and key element to a man’s wardrobe. It goes with pretty much everything, every colour, every texture, and every print. However it can look slightly awkward with navy. Since the navy pairing is the only con, we think black makes for a great first choice! It’s the perfect base for looking cool, sleek, and smart. Especially when worn with a crisp white shirt underneath and a bold, bright tie. The black suit is the perfect option for pretty much every occasion too. Whether it’s a sad day and you’re attending a funeral, or a happy day and you’re at a wedding. Either way, you can’t go wrong with black as it’s the easiest suit to wear and style. The key to getting this right though is making sure you have the perfect fit.

The last thing you want is ill fitting trousers and a baggy shouldered/armed jacket to match. It doesn’t impress anyone and looks very sloppy. So make sure you’re fitted or wearing it slim as it’s the only way to look the part. As we mentioned above, keep your black suit plain. Having prints on black turns it from a classic into a party piece and it can look awkward. If you have to go for a print, the most faintest of pinstripes might work. But we recommend a plain black all the way.

Classic Suit Colours – The Dark Grey Option

Perhaps black is too harsh against your skin tone as you have a paler complexion? Curse of us Brits! Try going for charcoal or dark grey instead. The dark grey suit works in every way the black suit does (except with navy). But as it’s not so strong and deep in tone, it’s softer on your skin, meaning it suits you better if you’re paler. One thing charcoal or dark grey is good for too is making you look more professional and older. It’s often the colour chosen by more mature men. So it’s great if you want to make an impression on your peers or seem more put together. It also makes a great office staple. I see more office guys sporting the dark grey two piece and it works well for them. Hardly anyone wears dark grey suits as a fashion statement, it’s always mostly business.


Classic Suit Colours – The Fun Loving Navy

Now if you’re younger, or you’re wanting more of an informal suit that you can wear to work, look cool in, or just keep for those events which aren’t too strict, navy is your guy! It’s complementary to most skin tones as it’s not as harsh as black, so everyone can get away with navy, and look good doing so. You can either get a solid navy with a sheen to it, or a more matte, wool navy which is perhaps that bit more professional. It depends what you’re looking for. If you’re a younger guy that wants to look fashionable, stylish and dapper, go for the navy with a sheen, but if you want to go for a more serious approach and have a suit that’s not too stand out-ish, a more matte, wool navy is your best option. . If those still seem a bit too plain for you, you can always try a nice pinstripe navy, you can never go wrong with one of those as Adam from Your Average Guy Style is modelling at the top of this blog post. It still remains a classic suit, but it looks so fresh! Again, navy pretty much goes with everything, so it can be worn anywhere. It’s a great staple.


The Summer Light Grey Or Taupe Suit

So we have been through the classic, dark colours in black, dark grey or navy, but these aren’t always suitable for the warmer weather and the summer season, so you need a lighter colour option too as a classic. You can’t live in black all year round, you won’t thank your wonderful suit in the 30+ temperatures for making you feel like a cooked sausage. The best options to choose in Summer are light grey or taupe, and these depend on your skin tone and whether or not you have a cooler or warmer complexion, so find out below which shade is more suitable for you. If you have a warmer skin tone, Taupe would be better suited to you as it’s more flattering for you. This is very much like silver and yellow gold, some skin tones suit either one, and warmer/colder colours are the same. Taupe is wonderful because it really shouts summer, and it’s a lot more casual than the grey, so this is the one you want if you’re not wanting to wear a serious suit that you need for formal, or strict business events.
It’s perfect for being stylish and smart casual though, while being summer ready. The best part is that these shades usually come in a lightweight, or linen style fabric, so you can breathe easy in the heat, making them a perfect classic. Again, if you want to have a subtle print you can, but beige and taupe work perfectly when they’re plain too. Plus, this colour jacket works well if you want to wear it with jeans on the weekend – two for one! – So, there you have it! The 4 classic suit colours that every man needs! Perfect for all year round, all occasions, and all different looks! You can’t go wrong with any of these colours, but if you can only get one, we recommend black or navy! They seem to be the most versatile in terms of occasions and cost per wear factor. 
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