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Who'd have thought it? Solid Colour Suits

15 Oct 2020

Let’s talk about… Solid colour Suits. (I know, massive change from the usual). We all want that perfect suit, the right colour, the right fit, the right style for us. But what is that style?

Suit choices are enough to scare off any man but House are Cavani is here for you.

Here we have some colours for make you look stylish and fashionable for any occasion.

Martez Grey

Thanks to our model Warren Phillips, we have two amazing looks you can do with this Martez Grey Suit. Wear the full three piece suit with a orange or brightly coloured tie to really pull off the look.


Myers Navy

This two piece suit is perfect for prom. Its Black lapels are a perfect match for a black bow ties and pocket square and you’ll be ready for a night you’ll never forget.

Beautifully modelled by Instagram Influencer Shane Crom

Martez Brown

Now this is the daddy of all suits. Modelled perfectly by Calum Best. This suit if perfect for those family events. Our light weight, wool blended Martez three piece is a timeless investment that will style you across the seasons. With its colourful spotted inner lining this House of Cavani suit will take you to the top of fashion.

Fabian Demin

Welcome back one of our classic suits with the Fabian in its cool denim style design. Make a statement this summer with this stunning vibrant tones. With its denim look you’ll be able to blur the lines between smart and casual. Its beautiful explosion of colour on the inner lining means it is the height of fashion.

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