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Demin Jeans – Five Ways To Wear One

05 Sep 2023

Demin Jeans. They are a statement in every mans wardrobe. Even if you don’t wear them anymore you are more than likely to have a pair stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. But the real question is, how do you style them? Get rid of those tired old looks and try these five ways to style Demin Jeans

Demin Jeans, a Shirt & a Jumper

Smart. Casual. Smart Casual, or even casual smart. However you want to say it, this look is it. Demin Jeans paired with a shirt and jumper is the perfect look for going through those day to day errands and running about the town. It gives you that professional and sophisticated look no matter where you are. Throw on a flatcap for the colder months or a pair of shades in the summer. This looks works for all occasions. 

Demin Jeans, a Shirt & a Blazer

Forgot about the party? Last minute plans to go out for the day? Throw on those jeans and a simple blazer and get ready to party. There is nothing that can go wrong with this look. It is simple. It is elegant and it perfect for the special occasion you forgot all about.

Demin Jeans & a Polo Shirt

Looking for something more casual? Something you can laze around in the house all day in? Live the lockdown life in the classic polo shirt and jeans combo. Its comfortable, its moveable, its the best look for Lockdown. 

Demin Jeans, a Waistcoat and Blazer

Need something for dress down Friday? Take your classic 3 peice suit and swap out the trousers for a pair of jeans. This’ll bring down the air of stuffy businessman to casual businessman. A look that every important man should have at their disposal. It looks good. It will make you feel good. And you’ll never regret it. 

Demin Jeans, a Turtleneck & Jacket

Be that sohpicasted man on the town in a pair of demin jeans and a turtle neck jumper. Stay warm in a stylish coat. Looks like this never go out of style. You can change up the colour jeans, turtleneck or even the coat colour if you’re feeling brave. 

How many of these looks have you tried?! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your #cavanibloglook

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