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The New Formal

05 Sep 2023

We get it. Lockdown is hard on everyone. Its not something any of us expected last year and not something we expected to roll over into 2021. However, we have to keep looking on the postive. 

And with Cavani, its the New Formal.

The New Formal

Picture This:

You are working from home. Sitting comfortably in your PJ’s at the kitchen table with the laptop on pretending to work. Then, your boss texts you.

Teams Meeting: 2pm

Crap. Have to get dressed. But its hassle to get all dressed up in a suit for a video call. So what do you do? Throw on a shirt with your PJ bottoms on? But the shirt is wrinkled. Damn. 

The obvious solution is simple, a jumper and a shirt, that smart casual look.  Stylish and professional from the top up, relaxed and lazy from the waist down.  

Look the part, play the part, be relaxed

Kyle Zip - Danilo 1
Kyle Zip - Danilo


Gotta go out for those errands? Shopping for vunrable family memebers? 

Throw on a pair of jeans, a shirt and a jumper, no need to iron out the creases of the shirt under the jumper. Add on a tie to make yourself look sophicated and professional. 

Lockdown or no Lockdown. Cavani is the New Formal

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