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Go From Work To date In These Simple Steps

24 Jun 2021

So it’s finally happened, your bad tinder jokes have worked and you’ve got a date tonight. The only issue is, you have to go straight from work. There is no time for you to get home, change, and get back out again. Here’s a life hack, you need it. With careful planning and some good execution, you won’t even need to take anything extra with you on your morning commute. If you pick the right outfit, you can smash out your day job and go straight to the date with a flawless transition.

Ditch the Tie

You look fantastic in your work suit, but you date isn’t about that, it’s about selling yourself. If you ditch your tie, it gives your outfit that more casual edge that shows you aren’t entirely work orientated. You’ll feel more relaxed and less robotic, no doubt your body language will mirror this.

A man putting on a tie with a smart suit and watch

The perfect fit

Regardless of what you finally choose to wear, just make sure it fits you well. If you’re going straight from work in a clean, slim fit shirt, then make sure it fits you comfortable but well. You don’t want to wear a shirt where the pattern looks good but the sleeves are too long. A good, well-fitted outfit goes a lot further than an extremely fashionable, but badly fitted outfit.

Leave the leather at work

You arrive at the meeting place first, take a seat and wait for your date to arrive. When they finally arrive you don’t want to stand up and reveal some ridiculous footwear that’s got them running. If you opt for a smart cropped trouser at work, you can easily transform the outfit by swapping your smart shoes for a clean simple, white sneaker. It shows a fun, casual edge but whilst also showing elements of the smart, casual look. If white sneakers aren’t what you think, boots go down very well on dates.

Too smart?

If you feel like your workplace outfit is just a bit too smart, swap out part of your outfit and casual it up a bit. For example, swap your shirt for a plain t-shirt combined with a cropped trouser and smart sneaker, you can easily pull off a more casual but very neat look. The trousers bring enough of a smart feel that you won’t be under-doing it whilst still being a very simples transition from the office outfit.

What are your go to casual clothes?

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