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22 Jun 2021

What should I wear to work today?

Sure… A shirt and tie might not be the most comfortable outfit, but at least it makes getting dressed more straightforward. You just wear a suit. And a tie. 

Business casual, on the other hand, is just… Confusing.

How do we define a dress code? Are there actual rules, or a list of DO’s and DON’Ts you should follow?

The answer is yes… Sort of.

Unlike stricter dress codes like black tie, business casual is very loosely defined. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and different offices will interpret it differently.

At the minimum, here is what you need to know.

  • No suits
  • No Jeans
  • No T-shirts
  • No sneakers
  • No sandals or flipflops
  • Blazers are ok

Traditional business casual usually means a jacket, trousers and shirt. However, that just isn’t the case anymore.

These days, business casual office outfits typically expect you to wear a button-up shirt tucked into chinos or trousers.

Most business workplaces don’t require jackets. They’re all okay with chinos, as opposed to dressier wool trousers. Which can be a lot hotter in the summer months. 

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