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How to Tie a Tie | The Ultimate Guide From House Of Cavani

26 Sep 2022

Originating in the early 17th century, the first necktie or simply a tie was created in central Europe as a practical means for French soldiers to keep the top of their garments together. Quickly flaring into a fashion trend throughout the country, it didn’t take long for the tie to catch on throughout the entirety of Europe and become what we know today as captivating formal attire. Over the centuries and decades, the tie cultivated different variations of knots from various cultures. Including the classic schoolboy tie and the Eton knot tie, we know that it can be confusing, so we’ve broken down our favourite tie knots into simple, practical steps for you!

Although the tie is a globally recognised staple for any formal event, tieing a tie is unfortunately not as common as you’d think. According to Google, the 13th most googled ‘how to’ question was “how do I tie a tie?” This isn’t surprising, as the necktie is no longer an everyday garment, which sadly means the simple skill is fading away. However, ties are not obsolete, and you will inevitably need to know how to tie a tie at some point. So don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Here at House of Cavani, we’re experts in tailoring and formal attire, and we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to tie a tie for you. Whether it’s for a wedding, prom, work event or ball – your tie matters. Our guide below is provided to make sure you look great at your next event and spend your time focusing on what matters. Seriously! What would we do without the internet?


How to tie a ‘school boy’ tie

How to tie a bowtie

The infamous Eton tie knot

How many ties should I own?

How to tie a ‘schoolboy’ tie

If you’re looking for the simplest tie knot, then the schoolboy tie is for you! Otherwise known as the four-in-hand tie knot, the schoolboy tie is arguably the most popular form of tie knot. Accelerating in popularity due to its ease, here at House Of Cavani, we recommend starting with this tie knot to gather your bearings. Ideal for ties that are slightly heavier on a collar, we’ve broken down the schoolboy knot step by step – with graphics to help you along the way.

how to tie a Schoolboy Tie Infographic
Step By Step Schoolboy Tie Infographic

Step 1: Place the tie around the neck, ensuring the wide end is about 1/3 longer than the narrow one.

Step 2: Place the thicker side of the tie over the narrow end of the tie. 

Step 3: Now, loop the thicker side back round. 

Step 4: Continue looping the thicker side over the narrow end. 

Step 5: Pull the back end up and through the loop, and use your index finger alongside your thumb to bring the thicker side up behind the neck loop. 

Step 6: Finally, pass the thick end down through the loop and tighten by pulling the thicker end down while sliding the knot upwards until it fits comfortably.

It sounds more complex, but after a couple of tries, you’re sure to look amazing in your freshly tied four-in-hand knot. Ideal for those borderline casual and smart events, the schoolboy knot is often the first knot people are taught as it offers flexibility – and now you can show it off too.

How to tie a bowtie – the luxe look!

The revolutionary look that is the bow tie has been worn by every style icon, from James Bond to Winston Churchill; the bow tie represents everyone and everything opulent. Why should this stop with you? The classic combo is tied together with a traditional black bow and a crisp white shirt which anyone can pull off. That being said, the bow tie is an art form, and we’re here to help you master it. So how exactly do you tie a bowtie?

how to tie a tie - the Bowtie Infographic
Step By Step Bowtie Infographic

Step 1: Put your tie around your neck and pull your right side down slightly lower than the left.

Step 2: Now cross the right side over the left to form a cross. 

Step 3: Continue by lopping the right side through the circle. 

Step 4: Now, on the left part, form the start of the bow by folding it over slightly.

Step 5: Pull the right side over the centre of the bow and loop it back round. 

Step 6: Continue pulling through to form the back part of the bow. 

Step 7: By pulling both sides, you will then form a bow to tighten. If you pull too tight, simply pull the front right and back left to untighten. 

The infamous Eton tie knot

Are you looking to stand out? Well, here it is. The powerful Eton tie knot is a fashion staple for those wanting to make a statement. The Eton tie presents a broader symmetrical base – perfect for any formal occasion. Clean, professional and luxurious, learning how to tie an Eton tie knot will pay off for any upcoming special occasion. At House of Cavani, we have broken down how to tie an Eton tie with graphics to help you too!

how to tie a tie the Eton Tie Knot Infographic
Step By Step Eton Tie Knot Infographic

Step 1: Drape the tie around your neck, making sure the length is a comfortable length for you.

Step 2: Without making your tie too tight, cross the thicker side over the thinner side of your tie to create an ‘x’ shape. 

Step 3: Continue by selecting the thicker side and loop it through the previous circle. 

Step 4: To make sure your tie looks as clean as possible, pull as tightly as you comfortably can for this step. Next, bring the thicker side underneath the knot in the centre. 

Step 5: Next, you want to make two symmetrical cone shapes. To do this, simply feed the thicker side over the neck loop.

Step 6: Then, pull the thicker side over the knot.

Step 7: Continue to pull the thicker side through the knot one last time. 

Step 8: Push the thicker end through the knot, holding the narrow end and pull the knot up to a comfortable length. 

What’s the Windsor knot?

The Windsor Knot is the same as an Eton knot. One of the best tie styles, the Windsor tie is perfect for formal occasions with its sleek aesthetic.

How many ties should I own?

The magic formula for how many ties you should own ultimately depends on your lifestyle. You need to consider whether you need them for work, how many formal events you require a tie for, and your style. 

When considering how many ties to own, you need to think about how many shirts you have and what aesthetic you’re going for. In an ideal world, you would have a tie to match every shirt, and a solid black tie is the perfect starter tie – it goes with almost every shirt. In theory, having three ties should be perfect for covering every event. Consider a black and white tie; the rest can be statement pieces, including different colours and patterns. 

When choosing your tie, one general rule you should follow is that your tie needs to be darker than the colour of your shirt. Matching your tie colour to your suit is essential, and at Cavani, we have a wide array of colour choices for you.

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