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Summer Menswear for the Modern Gentlemen

14 Sep 2022

Summer is a great time to unleash your inner style, with the ever-loved heatwaves providing prime-time photo taking in the golden hour at your family’s infamous BBQ get-togethers. Here at Cavani, we know that whatever the occasion is this summer, you want to look and feel good, and that’s why we’ve created this men’s style guide. With our expertise, we want to delve into what men’s summer clothes are must-haves for your summer collection and open your mind to new possibilities!


What’s the occasion?

What to wear to a formal event.

How to dress casual-smart.

Off to the races – what menswear should I wear?

What should men wear on a date this summer?

What’s the occasion? 

The summertime is crammed with seasonal events, including race fairs, festivals, BBQs, summer balls, graduations and proms. The pressure of finding outfits, or more specifically great outfits, is a tough one to tackle. Sometimes it’s more about how you can restyle your clothing to suit different occasions, but first, you need to have the right clothing to do that. When you’re thinking about an outfit, assess what time of day the event is held, ask if there’s a dress code, and consider the temperature and weather conditions – after all, you might regret not bringing a jacket!

Now that this is all covered, it’s time to talk about the fun stuff – how to style menswear! The general rule of thumb when it comes to men’s summer clothes is to make sure your outfit is practical for summer heat, compliments your figure and that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing – both physically and mentally. This can often be overlooked, but if you feel happy in your outfit, you’re already on to a winner. 

What to wear for a formal occasion

Formal occasions are the perfect events to truly go all out with your style. When it comes to menswear, a well-fitted statement suit, embedding both traditional tailorings with modern trends, will give you an aesthetically clean look. With the current trend of minimal colour choices and subtle hues, a great suit is the first staple piece to suitable men’s formalwear. 

Wanting to take it up a notch? You can elevate your suit even further by investing in a chic waistcoat. A waistcoat not only adds fitting to your outfit but also brings the entire outfit together. When choosing your perfect waistcoat, ensure you get one that compliments your suit, and then you will look very formal and stylish. Perfect for weddings, celebrations and balls – you would miss out if you didn’t get one.

How to dress casual-smart this summer

Casual Smart is a dress code that suits relaxed dinners or business events. It incorporates well-presented polished fitted clothing such as shirts, smart shoes, and blazers with elements of casual attire such as button-downs and jeans – it’s the perfect blend of formal and casual. Casual summer men’s fashion is easy to execute. Invest in a good blazer alongside matching jeans, a sleek shirt and a smart pair of shoes.

Going for a different look? Generally, you just need fitted clothing to execute the casual-smart aesthetic. There is no harm in investing in a colourful or patterned shirt and pairing it with some slim-fit/skinny trousers. Silk or cotton, a high-quality shirt showcasing a geometric or floral pattern would be perfect!

Off to the races – what menswear should I wear? 

Have an upcoming racecourse event? Extravagant gowns, luxurious hats and lavish suits. You want to go all out when you head to the races, and why wouldn’t you? After all, it’s a time when everyone gets to dress their best. So what menswear should you wear on lady’s days? Colourful coordinated shirts, blazers, and waistcoats are a general concept to wear at these events. Here at House of Cavani, we offer 3-piece suits, which are perfect for an event like this, with all the hard work of putting a look together being done for you. 

What to avoid? Generally, when it comes to ladies’ day, it’s best to avoid polo shirts, shorts, ripped jeans and anything too casual – Including trainers. Always wear smart shoes. Nice fitted denim jeans can work when paired with a nice shirt and blouse, but it’s always good to wear fitted trousers. It’s advised to check the dress code before attending a race event.  

What should men wear on a date this summer? 

On date night, you undoubtedly want to make the best impression. You don’t want to overdress, and you certainly don’t want to underdress. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Whether casual or formal, we’ve got the expertise to help you. On casual dates such as walks by the coast, a coffee catch-up, or a subtle brunch, your best bet is to dress smart-casual. A shirt, some nice jeans and a casual blazer are casual enough for walks without the fear of appearing as though you’ve made no effort. Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll be comfortable, so you can focus on what matters at that moment. 

Formal menswear will be your ideal outfit style if you’re heading to a Michelin star-worthy restaurant or hitting an exclusive bar. A well-fitted suit is perfect for romantic nights, and you’re sure to feel confident in our suits, where we offer an expansive range to match whatever look you’re looking for!

Elevate your summer style with Cavani

Overall, whether you wear formalwear or want to go for a smart-casual look, there are many opportunities to stand out while remaining true to your personal style. Never settle for ill-fitting or poorly tailored garments if you want to feel your best. With the finest suits on the market, upgrade your summer outfits now with our delicately tailored garments at House of Cavani. Patterns and colours for every aesthetic. Blended styles of contemporary and modern designs into premium garments and formalwear, you can find a piece for every occasion – explore our vast range now! 

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