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Knitwear – 5 Ways To Wear 1

05 Sep 2023

The winter is still here. Its cold. Knitwear is the best way to go to look stylish. Its so versatile. Check out these 5 ways to wear knitwear


Choosing a Smarter Look

Zoom calls in your pants are COVID Friendly. but you still have to go out to the office once a week. For a smarter look choose a stylish piece of knitwear to replace the waistcoat of your suit. Its more comfortable than the classic look but still smart.

A Casual Feel

Looking for something a little more casual for running those day to day errands? Throw on one of our Montana jumpers and a pair of jeans, keep warm with a scarf and coat and your ready to go! A comfortable way to get around during the day. No restrictions like a suit.


A Day at the Office

Despite COVID, some of us are still required to go into work. And that means the dress code is still smart. The cold weather means we want to layer up but still look smart. So why not try adding a jumper underneath that suit? Replace what would be a waistcoat with something a little thicker for the lower temperature. Our Caridi Biege suits looks good with our Sky Crewneck.

Split the difference

Smart casual, its the way to go now isn’t it?! Mixing up the shirt and trousers with jeans. So why not try putting a jumper over that shirt and a pair of jeans to match. Make sure they are a pair of black jeans to really make sure you have that ‘smart casual’ look.


The Summer Look

Feeling those summer vibes already? Our pink polos are perfect for that summery vibes, add a pair of sun glasses and a dark jean and your good to go!

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