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The Tuxedo. 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Picking Your Attire.

05 Sep 2023

If you’re buying a tuxedo, its more than likely for a very important occasion. Hopefully a wedding. Here are some mistakes to avoid when shopping.


Waiting until the 11th Hour

You should already know that this is a bad idea. Buying your tuxedo at the last minute for any kind of special occasion is a bad idea. If anything goes wrong – you may order the wrong colour, the wrong size – there might not be enough time to fix it. You don’t have to start planning your tuxedo when the bride is picking her wedding dress but you should start your search early. 

Budget… Budget… BUDGET

A wedding is all about expenses. From the venue to the catering to photographs and of course the gifts. There is a never ending list of things you have to shell out the money for. Therefore, keeping an eye on your budget is CURIAL. Don’t over spend.



It’s a common mistake, people settle for a suit jacket that doesn’t actually fit them. This is often the case in rentals. Sleeves that are too long or shoulders that are too tight make the groom and the best men look sloppy and often bigger than their actual size. Getting the right cute for your jacket is crucial, it is going to be in photos forever after all.

The Important Opinions

Nobody wants a bridzilla at the wedding. And this is the beginning of your lives together, you want to make sure it starts well. You will want to pick a suit that is compliment the brides dress, not overshadow her. Asking the brides opinion will mean she helps to chose something that will help you to shine but also blend well with her gown.


Tackling it Alone

A second opinion is a desirable thing when shopping for a suit. Be sure to take someone who’s opinion you trust. But also someone who knows the intricacies of dressing better than you. 

Ignoring Reusability

If you aren’t considering the fact of reusing your wedding suit your making a mistake. Your wedding suit should never be an outfit that is worn once in a lifetime only. What sense does it make to buy something that you can only wear once?!

When picking your suit try and go for formal colours that would fit well in other formal situations. Such as office meetings with your jacket or parties with the whole ensemble. Navy blue, grey and black are your safest bets and the best options. Chose a suit you can wear at dinner, another friends wedding or maybe even casually.  

Not Knowing Your Needs

Buying Vs Renting

Avoiding Designer Labels

To Conclude

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