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Managers Choice At House Of Cavani

03 Dec 2020

Testing the managers fashion choices this month to create a whole House of Cavani outfit from our new in collection. Lets see what they came up with.

Rio Shirt

Coming up to winter means its time to layer up. A what better place to start than the bottom layer. Our all new Rio white shirt is the perfect start to any outfit. Cotton rich and with special cuff and collar designs to make sure you look good – with an added air of mystery.

Grey Turtleneck knit

Add your next layer with this 100% cotton turtleneck knit to keep you warm and stylish in the colder months.

With the Rio collar speaking out you’ll be the most stylish looking one around.



Roman Coat

The final layer on top should of course be the roman coat! Its sleek design in navy or black means that you will be kept warm and stylish in the winter months.

Brad Black Demin Jeans

The bottom half is simple for men. For the casual everyday look a pair of jeans is comfortable and stylish. Paired with jumper, shirt and roman coat you’ll be guaranteed to look the best you can.



Moriarty Navy Boots

Finish off the look with these Moriarty boots. Stylish, classy and perfect for a brisk walk in the cold.

Are you going to try out our look? Don’t forget to tag us @HouseofCavani

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