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This Month On House Of Cavani

01 Dec 2020

See the best and the most sold with House of Cavani. Follow the fashion trends highlights of the month for House of Cavani.

House of Cavani Hardy Navy Check suit

Lift those spirits with the Hardy Check suit. Its light pattern and colour makes it perfect for that everyday wear. Perfect for summer with a loose linen shirt or transition into these cold winter months with a shirt and tie set from us too.

House of Cavani Ethan Black Brogue Shoes

‘Oxfords not brogues’ 

Well we say differently, and clearly so do you! Our classic Ethan Brogues are Novembers best selling shoe. With the classic design and Cavani branding on the bottom of the shoe no wonder its your top choice.


Roman Coat

Brand new and selling like hot cakes. This the perfect Autumn to Winter coat. It will help you to look stylish and professional no matter what you put on underneath.

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