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Men’s Autumn Fashion Ideas for 2023 – House of Cavani

10 Oct 2023

Men’s Autumn Fashion Ideas for 2023

Summer is disappearing in a flash. The weather’s turning colder, the days are shortening, and that dreamy beach holiday seems like a lifetime ago. We may not want to admit it, but it’s probably time to pack away the summer gear and get ready for the autumn. A new autumn season is upon us, and that means a new range of men’s clothing is hitting the shelves. Men’s autumn fashion should fulfil two basic requirements: it should look great, and help you react to the ever-changing British weather.

The good news is that autumn is an exciting time for men’s fashion. There’s a wide variety of new materials, textures, and colours to explore with a strong emphasis on style, comfort, and warmth.

Here are some men’s autumn fashion ideas for 2023 that will leave you looking every bit the style icon while keeping you warm and cosy at the same time.

What’s trending in men’s autumn fashion 2023?

Colour and comfort are two of the biggest themes in men’s fashion this autumn. Specifically, colours and shades such as red, orange, and yellow that have a calming effect and boost our mood will be highly popular. Similarly, comfortable clothes combined with stylish sweaters and accessories are also expected to take off. This guide will highlight the top men’s autumn fashion trends of 2023 to help you make your own fashion statement.

1. Combine comfort and style

Believe it or not, you can wear comfortable clothing and still stand out in a crowd – it’s just a matter of finding the right combinations that complement each other.

Loungewear and trousers with elasticated waistbands like these stretch slim-fit jeans are great when worn with a smart or formal jacket. Not only will you feel comfortable throughout the day, but you’ll also maintain a stylish edge that will elevate your look to the next level. You could even top it off with a classic hat such as a patterned tweed cap, for example.

2. Bring in the bright colours

Bright colours don’t exclusively belong to summertime, they can and should be worn all year round. We aren’t suggesting lime green suits will become the height of men’s autumn fashion 2023, but a splash of vibrant colour does wonders for any outfit.

The best thing about wearing bright colours is that they set off any plain outfit. You don’t have to cover yourself head to toe in turquoise, but a splash of bright colour here and there will deliver a subtle uplift. Even if it’s just a vibrant t-shirt, pair of socks, or an accessory that you wear, bright colours are the way to go this autumn.

3. Wear anything pink

It’s time for men to look pretty in pink this autumn and embrace the latest colour trend of 2023.

A pair of pink chinos or trousers are extremely versatile and can be matched with all sorts of accessories like this toastie Rio jumper underneath a coat or jacket. If you’re attending a black-tie function, a splash of pink is certain to make you stand out, and you’re guaranteed to make the best first impression with a Rosa pink slim fit blazer.

So be bold and throw on the pinkest item you can find to create a perfect autumnal look. After all, if it’s good enough for Barbie, it’s good enough for men’s fashion.

4. Layer it up

Autumn can be wholly unpredictable. Some days you can enjoy the warmth of late summer and on others it feels like the middle of winter. One of the easiest ways to dress for these autumnal temperature changes and create a practical, personal look is by mixing up lightweight layers.

Consider wearing a t-shirt underneath a thick overshirt like this Kempman design, or throw on a t-shirt underneath a collared lightweight jacket. If the sun comes out and it gets warmer, you can remove a layer to keep cool and comfortable. Similarly, if it suddenly gets cooler you can put another layer on, or even plump for a stylish half-knit bomber jacket. Whatever you do, mix up fabrics, designs, and colours to embrace the spirit of men’s autumn fashion 2023.

5. Mix smart with casual

Admittedly, mixing smart with casual is nothing new and it certainly isn’t confined to the autumn. However, it’s still a combination that works brilliantly for the chillier months and for any kind of formal or casual occasion.

A suit with a polo shirt is an excellent starting point and a classic combination of smart and casual, or you could also throw on a navy blazer with a woollen turtle neck. Essentially, picking something less formal than a shirt but smarter than a t-shirt will help you achieve the men’s autumn fashion look that you’re craving. And, as we’ve already pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of vibrant colour thrown in – in fact, it should be actively encouraged in line with men’s autumn fashion 2023.

Are you stuck for men’s autumn fashion ideas?

At House of Cavani, we stock a wide range of clothing for all seasons. From classic suits and accessories to casual jackets and trousers, we’ve got everything you need. Check out our stylish collection today.

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