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What Really Went Down With The Love Islanders At Haydock

17 Oct 2023

House Of Cavani at Haydock Races

When it comes to unforgettable events, a day at the Haydock Races stands out as an exceptional blend of thrilling horse racing, high fashion, and unparalleled luxury.

This year, House of Cavani had the distinct honour of hosting a VIP event that added a new dimension to the Haydock experience. We rolled out the red carpet and extended our invitation to an array of celebrities, influencers, and the beloved stars of Love Island, setting the stage for an unforgettable day.

The Day’s Highlights

The highlight of the day, of course, was the horse races themselves. Guests were given a crash course in horse racing, as House of Cavani’s “team of experts” shared their insights and tips on picking winning horses. Armed with newfound knowledge, the atmosphere was electric as everyone placed their bets on the 7 races with their fingers crossed.

Haydock Races as followed:

House of Cavani took the Haydock Races experience to an entirely new level by hosting the prestigious Parade Ring, where a gathering of notable personalities and influencers graced the event. This exclusive affair provided a unique opportunity for House of Cavani’s distinguished guests to partake in a tradition usually reserved for racing legends and owners. Among the accolades, attendees were given the honor of presenting medals and trophies to the winning jockeys, capturing the essence of an exclusive and glamorous event.

Additionally, attendees and influencers in attendance participated in a friendly competition to choose the ‘Best Dressed Horse.’ Influencers lent their discerning eyes to the competition, sharing their views and insights via social media. This innovative blend of tradition and influencer engagement made for an unforgettable spectacle, further highlighting House of Cavani’s commitment to innovation and elegance.

Entertainment Beyond the Races

While the horse races were the centrepiece of the event, House of Cavani ensured that the day was filled with entertainment and excitement. A magician kept the atmosphere festive throughout the rainy day, travelling around the VIP boxes and admission performing magic tricks for all the attendees. Attendees also had the opportunity to mingle with fellow media agents, horse racing aficionados, and the House of Cavani team, making new connections and celebrating shared passions.

Between races, guests were treated to a delectable three-course luncheon that featured gourmet dishes and their own free bar. The atmosphere in the exclusive House of Cavani enclosure was that of indulgence and celebration.

Influencers, Celebrities & Love Islanders at Haydock

In today’s digital age, influencers hold immense sway over the fashion landscape. We were delighted to welcome some of the most prominent social media influencers to our event, who added their unique flair to the day’s festivities.

Love islander Tom Clare

Our VIP event at Haydock Races was truly blessed by the presence of several former Love Island contestants, individuals who have become household names; Tom Clare, Shaq Muhammad, Casey O’Gorman and recent love islander Lochan Nowacki.

These Love Islanders, known for their ability to shine both on and off-screen, brought an additional layer of glamour and excitement to an already star-studded affair. They added an extra layer of charm to an already sophisticated occasion by actively engaging their followers throughout the day. As the events unfolded, they took to their social media platforms, sharing snapshots and stories that captured the essence of the event. Their followers revelled in the opportunity to witness their favourite influencers and celebrities in House of Cavani’s slick and stylish suits. Their active participation in a comical TikTok video, shared on the House of Cavani TikTok account, demonstrated their lighthearted spirit and their knack for blending sophistication with a touch of humour.

In the era of digital influence, the House of Cavani event was not merely a physical gathering but a digital spectacle, too.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our guests and everyone who attended Haydock races. We look forward to more such extraordinary events that redefine what it means to dress for success. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs as we continue to blend elegance and excitement in the world of suits.

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