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Spring Accessories Collection

05 Sep 2023

‘Tis the season to be… Sunny?

Spring is here and that means there is a change to your wardrobe. Of course, that also means a change to your accessories. The weather is a lot warmer, the sun is out. Lets talk about accessories.

A Metal Band Watch

A watch with a metal band is vital for spring. 


A leather strap is a delicate thing in the spring and in the summer your sweat will eat through and could permanently damage the leather. Eventually you’ll start to see cracks in the leather and it’ll become uncomfortable to wear. Letting this go on long enough will mean the band will break.

Spring Accessories
Spring Accessories

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares will let you express yourself at a very low price. They come in all sorts of patterns, colours and sizes. 

A Wallet

A wallet will say a lot about you. It tells the little details about your personal taste. It can also tell people how organised you are. A overstuffed wallet is an ugly thing to look at, and lugging it around your pocket can cause back problems down the line. 

There are so many types of wallets that you can have. Classic bifolds, trifolds, slim wallets, money clips and breast pocket wallets.

Stylish Shades

You still haven’t invested in a pair of sunglasses? Why not?! Men’s sunglasses offer so many benefits to the wearer. They add symmetry to the face, they protect you from the sun. It can also help you to express your own personal style. 

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