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Cavani Spring Shirt Collection

05 Sep 2023

The weather is getting warmer, the layers are coming off and its finally time to bring our those forearms! Get the spring look with these HoC Spring Shirt Collection

Let’s talk weather. It’s hot. It’s nice. And knowing Britain it’ll probably change in the next few days. However, for those sunny days it means you need to bring out the summer wardrobe. Thats means short sleeved T-shirts and comfortable work shirts, lets take a look at how fashionable things could get.

Polo Shirts – Spring Shirt Collection

It’s comfy and it’s smart. You can’t go wrong with a polo shirt. The breathable cotton makes it perfect for those hotter days of running errands or working from home. Cavani polo shirts come in a range of colours, textures and styles. Our range comes from the classic plain polo to a more textured patterned one. So many styles and colour you’ll never be short of wardrobe choices.

Spring Shirt


Despite the hot sun people are still working… working from home but still working. Those video calls still require you to be wearing a shirt. And that means you need a comfortable shirt you aren’t going to sweat through on the hotter days.

Comfortable, breathable shirts are key to offices. Ditch the suit jacket and even the waistcoat. When Causal Friday rolls around swap out the suit trousers for a pair of shorts if you are brave enough.

Check out the HoC Spring Shirt Collection

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