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Stand Out From The Crowd… Or Not? – House Of Cavani Shoes

05 Sep 2023

Burgundy Lace Up Boots

Adding a bit of colour to your look doesn’t have to start at the top. These burgundy lace up boots can add a pop of colour to your look while being comfortable and stylish.

Perfectly paired with a pair or Demin jeans or a suit, don’t leave the house without these lace up boots

Modena Tan and Navy Lace Up Boots

Looking for something simpler? You can’t go wrong with the Modena boots, available in tan or navy.

These boots will go with almost anything, perfect for that trip into the office or just a trip to the shop.

Bristol Brown Chealsea Boot

Focused on a classic style, the Chelsea boot will never go out of fashion. This first rate look is perfect to add onto any outfit, no need to worry if it will suit your style, its guaranteed.

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