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Dress To Impress - Weddings

05 Sep 2023

Depending what tier you are in, Weddings for 2020 are cancelled. However, that shouldn’t stop you from planning the wedding of your dreams! These five suits are the perfect look for any special day.

Weddings in Albert Brown

Our Albert Brown suit is a beautiful piece that really brings a classic style to your wedding. Match your groomsmen and bring true rustic fashion to your day.

Weddings in Caridi

Perfect for a lighter touch. A day in the sun will not be complete without our Sandom three piece suit. Stand next to your wife-to-be and look your best.


Make a statement with our Georgi suit. The bride won’t be the only talk of the wedding. You can make your own statement with the three piece suit.

Martez Navy & Brown

Love knows no bounds. The Martez suit in Brown and Navy is guaranteed to be a showstopper at any wedding. Perfect look. Perfect Style. You can’t go wrong with the Martez Suits.

Weddings are cancelled. But your happiness isn’t. Let us know your wedding plans using the #houseofcavani hashtag.

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