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The Best Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas for Men

24 Oct 2023

Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Inspiration for Men

Planning an outfit for an autumn wedding can be tricky for any guest. The changing seasons and unpredictable weather are likely to influence your decision, and there’s a host of other factors to consider. Does the wedding have a dress code? Is it a black-tie affair, or a casual wedding? Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?

This blog will answer all your autumn wedding guest suit questions and ensure you’re looking the very best when the lucky couple say, ‘I do’.

Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas for Men

It’s too chilly for a summer suit, but not cold enough for a full winter outfit. So how should you dress for an autumn wedding as a guest?

Your suit or outfit of choice should be based on many things like the wedding’s location, time of day, weather, and any particular colour scheme that may have been specified. This is a great starting point for any wedding guest and should provide plenty of options that will leave you looking your very best on the day.

Autumn turns landscapes into a myriad of rich and vivid colours that provide the perfect, romantic backdrop to any wedding scene. You could reflect the deep reds, browns, and yellows of autumn by choosing warm, rich colours, textured fabrics, and layers for a stylish autumn look. When complimented with the right shoes and accessories, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the autumn wedding guest suit styling that you desire.

Below are some ideas and suggestions to help you get started:

Indoor Autumn Wedding Guest Suit

Indoor autumn weddings really are a blank canvas when it comes to men’s suits. Unless there’s a formal dress code like black tie, you can wear any suit or jacket and trouser combination you like, though you may want to stick with autumnal colours in keeping with the time of year.

Some options for indoor autumn wedding wear include this sharp Seeba navy three-piece suit or this Alvari two piece suit. One thing to remember is that you won’t need to layer up as you’ll be indoors. In fact, be prepared to ditch the jacket as you head for the dance floor, so make sure you’re wearing your best shirt underneath.

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Guest Suit


You can’t take a chance with the autumn weather if you’re attending an outdoor wedding. You may strike it lucky and bask in the warm, autumnal sunshine while the lucky couple tie the knot. Or it could be cold, damp, and windy and leave you wishing you’d worn an extra layer to keep you warm.

A three-piece suit like this classic Caridi design will provide the extra layer you may need for any wedding taking place later in the year. If the weather takes a real turn for the worse, you could take along a sweater like this crewneck knit, wear a smart overcoat such as this Roman design, and even pack an umbrella in case it rains.


Autumn Wedding Guest Dress Codes

It’s vital to pay utmost attention to an autumn wedding’s dress code or theme. After all, it’s going to dictate what you wear on the big day. Get it wrong and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and may even upset the wedding party.

Your wedding invitation should clearly state what the dress code is. You wouldn’t want to turn up in casual chinos and a shirt when everyone else is wearing formal black tie. Here’s what you should know:

Formal Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas


If a wedding has a formal dress code, you don’t have to look much further than a traditional black suit or tuxedo. They’re both timeless classics that are perfect for any formal occasion including an autumn wedding. You could contrast a black suit with a crisp, white shirt, a black bow tie or necktie, and a pair of smart, black shoes like these Scott patent lace ups.

Finally, it’s best to keep any accessories simple, so a pair of cufflinks and a white pocket square are all you need to complete your formal autumn wedding outfit.


Semi-formal Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas


A semi-formal dress code at an autumn wedding can be tricky to decipher. In simple terms, it’s less formal than black tie or white tie, but more formal than business or casual.


A safe option is to opt for a blazer or sports coat if the wedding’s taking place in the daytime, and a suit or suit jacket for an evening event. If there’s no specific request to wear colourful attire, wearing dark colours is a good choice along with trousers that match a jacket. A suit like this Mario navy two-piece option is also a safe bet along with a snazzy dress shirt and tie combination.

Free-for-all Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas

Occasionally, you may be invited to an autumn wedding with no specific dress code. This poses a problem – what on earth do you wear?

A sensible rule to follow is to dress as you would for a semi-formal wedding. Men won’t go far wrong with a classic suit and tie combination with a smart pair of shoes. Alternatively, you could combine a blazer with a pair of chinos for a more relaxed vibe that’s certain to fit in well with the celebratory mood.


Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Ideas for Different Venues

The venue of the wedding you’re attending can have a major influence on what you wear on the day. You wouldn’t want to arrive at church in a pair of jeans when everyone else is in formal dress. Similarly, you’d feel a tad overdressed in black tie when the rest of the wedding party is wearing chinos and a shirt.

Here are some key pointers on what to wear to different autumn wedding venues:

Church Autumn Wedding

Generally speaking, church weddings require some degree of formal or semi-formal dress for men. If you’re unsure about what to wear, it’s best to err on the side of caution and put on a suit, preferably in a darker colour like this navy Jefferson two-piece suit. This also gives you the option of ditching the jacket, waistcoat, and tie at the reception later in the day.

Stately Home or Hotel Autumn Wedding

If an autumn wedding is taking place at a stately home or hotel, you’ll want to wear something that reflects the opulent surroundings. Stately homes are grand, impressive buildings linked to aristocracy, so the look you’re after should fit in with this theme.

Unless the official dress code is black tie, it’s best to wear a semi-formal suit and tie, or a smart jacket and trouser combination. It’s also wise to avoid casual wedding clothing which look completely out of place.

Relaxed Autumn Wedding

Sometimes the couple getting married won’t specify a dress code but will insist on their special day being a relaxed autumn wedding. In this instance, a casual wedding dress code is preferable. Think of versatility with comfort and, if the wedding is outdoors, be sure to layer up in case the weather turns cold.

A relaxed autumn wedding also means there’s leeway for adding your own personal touch like a statement blazer or a snazzy, patterned shirt. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Four Key Points to Remember for Autumn Wedding Guest Suits

Whether the autumn wedding you’re attending is a formal, semi-formal, or casual celebration, there are some common dress themes you can follow:

1. Wear Standout Autumnal Colours

Navy or dark grey may be your go-to wedding suit options, but autumn is a great opportunity to try something new, and you could reflect the deep, rich colours of autumn in your wedding day outfit. Whether you go for eye-catching shades like dark berry and vivid blue or prefer to tone it down with a classic design like this three-piece Cardi brown suit, you’ll certainly look the part on the special day.

Once you’ve selected the right suit to wear, finish it off with a shirt in a contrasting colour for maximum impact. If your suit is a lighter colour, think about wearing a dark blue or green shirt with matching tie. Alternatively, a crisp white shirt goes with pretty much anything including this striking Hardy navy checked suit, especially when paired with a striped tie and brown shoes.


2. Go for Texture

While linen and other light materials are ideal for summer suits when the weather’s warm, autumn is the time of year when you may want to wear something with more texture. It means you’ll be able to stay warm should the temperature drop, especially when a wedding’s held outside. A three-piece tweed suit with matching waistcoat certainly ticks all the boxes in that respect.

A premium material, tweed offers style and comfort and is available in an array of colours and earthy tones that beautifully blend in with the autumn wedding season, like this Caridi olive check offering. Alternatively, you could go for a brighter colour for your autumn wedding guest suit such as this smart Orson blue tweed number.

When you’ve selected your tweed suit, complete your outfit with a matching shirt, merino wool jumper, or even a turtleneck for a semi-formal wedding. Finally, finish it off by pairing a tweed suit with the right shoes such as classic brogues or loafers.

The added bonus of choosing a tweed suit is that it is also highly versatile and can be worn time and time again for any occasion, from a job interview to a day at the races.

3. Select the Right Shoes, Tie, and Accessories

The shoes or boots you wear to an autumn wedding are just as important as your suit, so it’s important to choose your footwear carefully. Will leather or suede shoes go better with your suit? Is a two-tone shoe like this Ethan brogue a better option? Or would a classic Chelsea boot like this Watson Signature be a better match on the big day? When you’ve decided which shoes or boots complement or contrast your outfit, you’re almost there with your autumnal wedding look.

Many couples no longer require their guests to wear a tie to their wedding. But, while a tie may not be compulsory like it once was, it can certainly elevate an outfit. Whether you opt for a patterned tie or knitted tie, there’s a multitude of designs and colours for any formal occasion that will set off your autumn wedding suit.



As if often the case with accessories, less is often more, so don’t overdo it and just stick to a few items like this matching striped tie and handkerchief set or this timeless waistcoat chain.

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to accessories for autumn wedding suit inspiration, so you’ll never be short of options – it’s just a case of pairing the right suit, shirt, or jumper, with the appropriate shoes and accessories.

4. Mix and Match Options

While a two or three-piece suit is the traditional dress code for weddings, the rules have become somewhat relaxed over the years, and it’s now completely acceptable for guests to mix and match their jacket and trousers for both the ceremony and reception. This is particularly good news for those who don’t want to purchase a suit for a one-off celebration and want to get maximum use out of the clothes they wear for the special day.

You could tailor your outfit to reflect autumn’s warm and rich colours by mixing a patterned blue jacket and waistcoat like this Kaiser option with a pair of Dakota rust chinos that give off strong autumnal vibes. Alternatively, you could wear a brown patterned jacket and waistcoat like this Albert set with a matching tie and handkerchief, dark pair of chinos and brown leather shoes.


If the autumn wedding you’re attending has a relaxed dress code, mixing and matching your outfit can be a great option, and you’ll still look smart and stylish whatever jacket and trousers you pair together.

If you are unsure about an official wedding dress code, it’s always best to check the invitation or even ask the couple getting married. After all, you wouldn’t want to turn up in a pair of chinos if the wedding’s a strictly formal black-tie affair.

The most important thing is to adhere to the autumn wedding dress code whether it’s formal black-tie, semi-formal, or a more casual celebration.

Looking For Men’s Autumn Wedding Guest Suit Inspiration?

From tweed suits to three-piece suits, House of Cavani stock an extensive range of men’s suits that are perfect for any autumn wedding.

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