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The Month At House Of Cavani

05 Sep 2023

After a year of lockdown, we are hoping that we are nearing the end of the tunnel. And clearly everyone knows it! Buying the suits to get ready to go back into to work!

Lets take a look at your favourites.

With the spring coming and the warmer weather coming in you’ve told us what you want. Light colours and more comfort. With the lockdown lifting and the wedding plans back on everyone is looking at a summer wedding, and why not do it our Del Blue Double Breasted suit. You really can’t go wrong.

Once again the warmer weather is telling us you want light colours. For the summer we want nothing but light colours and nice patterns. You ask, we deliver! Meet spring in this wonderful Paradise Suit. Blue is the colour of the people because all of this month you have fallen in love with our blue suits.

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