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Socks Or No Socks?!

05 Sep 2023

How and went should you wear socks with a suit? You’ve probably seen it on our social media, the eagle-eyed views will notice the lack of socks. We are answering the age old question, should you be wearing socks with your suit?

Socks are like another accessory for your wardrobe, the wrong pair can throw off your look completely. The warm weather means its time to put some thought into your sock strategy. Boots in the winter are the perfect time for socks. However, the spring is here it means shorts and loafers, neither of which you want to be wearing them with.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go ‘sockless’ in this weather. No-show socks are the best way to remain comfy and stylish with all of your outfits. Whenever you are showing some ankle these types that should be worn. Shorter hems such as chino’s, jeans or even shorts should be wore with these no-show socks.  They’re comfortable wearing with whatever you’ve got on. They defiantly add a bit of informality into the mix so be aware of that if your dressing up.

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