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Suit Spotlight

Suit Spotlight: Tweed

21 Jan 2022

The infamous tweed blazer. A timeless staple, often associated with the likes of hit shows: Peaky Blinders and Sherlock Holmes. Although Tweed has a somewhat ‘Ivy League’ past, in the modern day it is considered a smart wardrobe staple for any gentleman to incorporate into his wardrobe. Especially during the current sub minus temperatures.

House Of Cavani not only offer traditional, popular patterns such as: Barley Corn, Checked, Striped, Hounds Tooth and Herringbone – but also break the mould by bringing in modernised flecked, textured shades, like the newly launched Caridi Olive.

Where did the material originate from?

The high-quality, pure wool cloth-commonly considered to be a classic, originated in Scotland and was worn mostly by farmers. It all started with famous garment maker Harris Tweed, who curated his pieces by hand in the Outer Hebrides. His fine skills caught the attention of Lady Dunmore in the 1840’s, which was when the tweed material began its aristocrat association.

It became popular across British Isles in the 18th century, after Prince Albert purchased Balmoral Castle in Scotland and designed the Balmoral tweed. Which, in turn lead to the ‘Estate Tweed’ trend, whereby young estate owners designed their own uniformed tweeds for their families.

Tweed was later adapted by the British to include both waterproof and insulating properties- to make it a suitable attire for activities such as fishing and shooting. Since, it has been continuously modernised to stay current with a much more wearable texture. -Providing our wardrobes with lighter Summer blends and durable Winter fabrics.

What do I wear with tweed?

If you’re in favour of block-coloured textures when it comes to tweed, pair Cavani’s newly launched Caridi Olive with a Black Montana Turtleneck for a smart/casual look. For formal styles, opt with a crisp white shirt and a Cavani Albert Brown Tie Set.

Black Montana Turtle Neck and Caridi Olive
Caridi Tweed Suit

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