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05 Sep 2023

The past month feels like it has lasted forever. People expected to be thriving in 2021 but here we are still in the same place we were 6 months ago. However, despite all of that you have all still been buying from House of Cavani and you have been buying well. Lets take a look at what’s popular this month with House of Cavani.

Seeba is a sleek and comfortable suit that comes in Navy or graphite. Both colours provide elegance and suave. With either of these suits you can transition seamlessly from work wear to evening wear with simple changes.

Swap out the usual Seeba waistcoat for our classic double breasted Lennox beige waistcoat for that perfect formal occasion look. Getting those wedding vibes  going more and more with Cavani.

For a simple evening look you can ditch the waistcoat altogether and swap out your shirt with a turtleneck for a sleek evening attire outfit. That perfect candle lit table at the quiet restaurant shared between you and your loved one. Or in these times, candle lit table at home between you and your pet. You have to dress up to make yourself feel better. 

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