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The House Choice

This Month in Cavani - Hurricane Grey Boots

01 Oct 2020

Welcome to the House choice.

Every month we will have the House of Cavani’s Top selling items and the managers choices.

Back in September we found that our Hurricane shoes are our top selling item!

These beautiful lace up boots are available in Navy, Tan, Brown and Grey at the reduced price of £29.99!

Hurricane Boots – Comfort and Style

The Hurricane boots are comfortable and stylish. Perfect to wear with jeans, trousers. For a formal occasion or just for day to day wear. These boots provide comfort and style.

Join us on Saturday for the managers choice!

Lets take a look at some Runners up

Cavani Suit bag

I think this is quiet an obvious why this one is quiet popular. Protect the suit at all costs!



Albert Grey Tweed Suit

You can’t go wrong with a classic suit!

Even with the pandemic you still need to look good for when you finally make it back to the office. Albert grey is the best way to do that. No wonder its out most popular suit this month.

Buy your Albert Grey suit


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