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Standing Out

Cavani Blazer - Stand Out From The Crowd

08 Sep 2020

We all know someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, to be different, to be noticed. And we also know someone who prefers to mix in, who doesn’t like the attention as much. Either we are one those people or we know someone who is like this. But what is the best way to stand out from the crowd? To mix in? Stand out with Cavani Blazers or mix in with their subtle looks.

Standing out with Cavani Blazers

House of Cavani Champagne Blazer

Stand out from the crowd with the amazing Champagne blazer from House of Cavani. Above all this slim-fit blazer is sure to make anyone stand out from the crowd. Most importantly its golden colour and black accents are no measure to its intricate detailing featured on this stunning jacket. You’ll be the talk of the event with this blazer on your shoulders


House of Cavani Bella Navy Blazer


Much like the last, this Belle Navy Blazer is sure to make you stand out, while also helping you be more subtle. This blazers navy colours will help you to blend in from far away, but catch the eye of anyone close up, its black accents pair perfectly with a black pocket square and bow tie. Its black intricate patterns are good for any conversation starter.

House of Cavani Rosa Blazers

Any of our four Rosa Blazers are just to help you stand out. The mix of bright and subtle colours are no match in comparison to their velvet feel.

Rosa Green


Miami Lilac Slim Fit

Cavani’s Stunning Miami Lilac Slim Fit Blazer adds a touch of colour into your wardrobe and will help you to stand out from the crowd of drab coloured suits. Consequently, the whole suit will pair nicely with a dark coloured tie and pocket square. Certainly, it’s colourful inner lining will add a touch of surprise to any look you have.

Mixing in with Cavani Blazers

House of Cavani Kaiser Blue Tweed Suit

This Kaiser blue suit is the perfect mix of class and style to make anyone look fashionable and at their best. As a result, this suit is perfect for any occasion, it can be pulled out as everyday wear with a dark tie or it can be worn to any special occasion. Not quite as plain as one would expect, but its subtle patterns give any wearer an edge of style.



House of Cavani Gaston Sage Suit


 Everyone knows tweed from our favourite Peaky Blinders Casts. However, you can style it into your own with tweed suit, add a pocket square and matching tie to create your own personal look. All you need is a flat cap and some brogues to become your very own Peaky Blinder! This suits offers anyone the chance to mix in with the crowd while having their own secret edge.

House of Cavani Caridi Sky Slim Fit Suit

Grey is the colour to chose! That is to say, as with the Cardi slim fit suit allows you to mix and match with your own colour choices. For example, match this grey suit with a stylish brightly coloured tie or pocket square, or lay low with blending choice in tie and pocket square. Give yourself that look of class and elegance with a grey suit.

House of Cavani Miami Blue Slim Fit Suit 


Blue is not the first colour that comes to mind when the word ‘subtle’ is mentioned. However, it is clear that these blue suits are definitely the best choice. Above all, with subtle patterns to comfortable fabric, these suits can’t go wrong. A white shirt, tie and pocket square will blend in perfectly. Or, if you are feeling brave, a darker undertone could be the way to go.

These are just eight of the amazing suits that are sold at Cavani. Even if these are your first choice, Cavani definitely has the suit for you.

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