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Standing Out

Stand out from the Crowd... or not? Waistcoats

13 Oct 2020

Last week we talked about Standing out from the Crowd with Cavani Blazers. Now you’ve got the blazer down, lets talk about what goes underneath. Waistcoats.

These waistcoats will not be as bright and vibrant as our blazers. However, each waistcoat and has its own unique point.

Georgi Floral Waistcoat

Now this Georgi Floral waist coat you’ll be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room. Its intricate black designs show off its beauty and sophistication. Perfect for any wedding or special occasion. It’s dark design means your accessories can be bold and bright.

Carly Wine Waistcoat

Maybe not the BOLD you where expecting, but still on our list. Its vibrant colour stands on the edge of subtly, leaning into a bold statement. Red is not your classic colour to wear to the office. Its patterns bring out the shades of red and its coloured stitching. What would you match this with?

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