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Who'd have thought it? Patterned Suits

08 Oct 2020

Let’s talk about… Patterned Suits. (I know, massive change from the usual). We all want that perfect suit, the right colour, the right fit, the right style for us. But what is that style?
Suit choices are enough to scare off any man but House are Cavani is here for you.
Here we have some patterns and colours for make you look stylish and fashionable for any occasion.

Patterned Suits – Callie Grey suit

The first on our list is the classic Callie Grey three piece suit. Perfect for your everyday wear and its check pattern brings the first rate fashion into your wardrobe.

Our model Daniel Marin paired our lovely suit with some orange and tan accents to really make sure the suit pop!

Miami Lilac Suit

Still looking at the lighter suits, this Miami Lilac suit is perfect for those special occasions. However, lilac is a unique colour, and requires a unique style. Warren Phillips is modelling our suit with darker accents, a black handkerchief, our Navy flower lapel pin and a plain Navy Tie.

Patterned Suits – Hardy Navy Checked suit

Now, lets put the darker colours on the outside. Starting with our Hardy Navy Checked Suit. Its large checks and pattern gives the perfect day to day look. Our Model Warren Phillips matches the yellow lines of the suit with a yellow tie (Lemon Yellow and Gold Available) and handkerchief. Looking… Well, you can see it for yourself!

Kaiser Blue Tweed Suit

And finally, look lovely in blue,  Digby models out Kaiser blue suit. Paired perfectly with an orange tie to show off the patterns of the suit.

The suits small check patterns give off off the classy work vibes for your everyday job. Add jeans and a plain shirt and you have yourself the casual look for your wardrobe.

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