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5 Ways To Wear 1 - Chelsea Boots

05 Sep 2023

Dressing isn’t as simple as it seems. There are so many different ways to wear just one item and they don’t always look good. Here are 5 ways to wear 1 with

Get suited (and booted)

The classic look. Get suited and booted with the Chelsea boots under the suit. Now, suits and boots don’t usually mix in modern menswear. A well fitted suit doesn’t match with a pair of think winter boots.

However, a sleek silhouette means that Chelsea boots are a viable options when it comes to teaming up your tailing with your footwear. Chelsea boots offer you a little more than the standard oxford shoes and can add a little touch of personality into the otherwise traditionally stuffy outfit.

Smart Casual

The great thing about Chelsea boots is how versatile they can be. But, there is one area with which they really excel themselves. Smart Casual.

Their not to dressy, their not too casual. Chelsea boots sit directly on the line between. Working from the ground up, find a pair of high quality dark leather boots. Next, jeans. A slim cut is essential, as is sticking to a dark Demin. Stonewash has no place here. Last but not least, layers. Knitwear, shirt and blazer. Don’t forget to accessorise accordingly.

Nights Out

Dress codes relax with night clubs, but the days of no-trainers are still among us. Chelsea boots are the answer.

They are sleek, smart and streamlined. But they are also statements of rock ‘n’ roll icons. Use them as inspiration when styling your going out look  and deploy other edgy staples to bolster the rebellious streak.

All black is a good way to go. But if that’s a little to gothic for you, you can add some shades of grey. Or even a pop of white.

Blue Collar

When thinking of work wear, its normally work boots and cowboy boots that spring to mind. You know the deal. flannel shirts, trucker jackets. Mid-wash denim.

Business Casual

Yes, its dress-down Friday. No, it doesn’t mean you can turn up to the office in shorts and flipflops. What is actually means is to make your outfit a little more laid back, more comfortable for our office wear.

A pair of Chelsea boots is the perfect way to do this. From the top down, think about layers, a simple shirt and jacket. Think about adding some knitwear into it, a cosy jumper is perfect to add into your wardrobe to blend the lines between business and casual.

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