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Fashion Bloggers Become Gangster With House Of Cavani

31 Aug 2023

Peaky BlindersIf there’s one thing we love here at House of Cavani, it’s Gangsters! And you can get that look using our pieces, as these fashion bloggers have pointed out! When there’s a  photoshoot to be done, think of us! We have a large selection of tweed suits to choose from, so honestly, you can’t really go far wrong! You’re probably already familiar with Rowan Row as we have been collaborating with him for quite a while now. He’s been our face in the magazines. However for those of you not familiar. He’s one of the leading UK men’s bloggers and has over 800k followers on Instagram. He went one step further though as he got his friends involved to recreate scenes from the iconic show. As you can see, 5 of the boys together, it makes for a very strong and powerful set.

Featured here is obviously Rowan Row. Alongside Ian Sangala, Erwin Trinidad, Fashitect and Daniel Marin – all bloggers and Instagram stars in England. The guys shot some of these photos at The Gun bar London. Making the perfect backdrop for some looks. While they used classic red brick and old fashioned streets for the outdoor looks. I don’t think they could have done a better job – it’s perfect! The guys are obviously head to toe in House of Cavani. Opting for different suits to create this gangster vibe. Of course they went with the familiar round collar shirts as well. And threw on their waistcoat chains to finish the look off, complete with flat caps. We can’t get enough of it and we’re extremely happy to be featured in this way. They have done us proud! So, what were the guys wearing?

The Gangsters, The bloggers and their suits

  • Rowan and Ian Sangala were both wearing the Ascari suit. Which is one of our classic brown tweed three pieces, with an overcoat on top, you can’t go wrong!
  • Fashitect was wearing the Brendan Wine. A burgundy check three pieces that just livens up a room when you enter it! A modern take on Peaky Blinders!
  • Daniel Marin had the Brendan Blue. Which is similar to the above, but in a bright blue check. This one is really fun, a bit more uplifting and current.
  • Erwin had one of our best sellers and ultimate classics, the Albert Grey! Everyone loves this suit and it’s what we recommend if you’re wanting a historical, tweed look. It’s the perfect suit for this style!
We did a blog post before on tweed suits. As Rowan has shown us. All you need is one of our classic tweed suits (we recommend the Martez or Albert). A round collar shirt, a chain, a pair of our boots with tweed, a flat cap, and a simple tie. You will be looking like a gangster in no time! The historic show has been responsible for the rise of tweed suits in fashion. As well as younger guys opting to take on this trend as well. They just can’t get enough of the cool gangsters and their style. What do you think of this cool photo shoot with Peaky Blinders inspiration.
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