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Miles – This Month At House Of Cavani

05 Sep 2023

Lockdown is still here. Everywhere is still closed, but you have to remain positive. Taking a look over the last month as some of Cavani’s best selling items proves you guys are staying focused on the good things you can have. Everyone may be locked in doors and of course you’re all online shopping. Lets take a look.

Miles Three Piece Suit

Our Miles three piece suit is our top selling suit in January 2021. It’s no surprise, if you want to look your best the easiest way to do it is in our Miles suit. It’s soft velvet colour ensures comfort and elegance. The delicate check patterns bring an air of grace to the suit. And of course, the colour makes it versatile for both everyday office wear and the more formal occasions. 

House of Cavani. Because you deserve the best





Roman Coat

The weather is picking up a little but it is still nippy outside. So of course you need to have that extra layer ready to shield you from the cold. House of Cavani’s Roman coats are the best pick of the bunch. These coats are perfect for any age and any outfit. Throw it on over your casual wear or even your suit and your ready to head out for the day. Stylish, warm and that perfect extra layer with Cavani. 

We won’t let you down. 

Halifax Boots

We’re back with the winter boots. These Halifax zip boots are the best choice for those lockdown errands. The formal shoes are out while you work from home and the boots are in as you pop into the supermarket. (Don’t forget your mask 😷😳) Our Halifax boots are perfect for the more casual look, pair with some Cavani jeans and you can’t go wrong.

Take a step in the right direction with House of Cavani Boots

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